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Actualités de l'entreprise

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    For Paul, TTEC's values have become his compass in his personal and professional lives. And being able to resonate with these values reflects the amount of thought it took to put them together. #ExperienceTTEC #LivingValues


    On National Hat Day, some of our team members decided to celebrate by putting on their favorite hats. #ExperienceTTEC

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    Sharron talks about her favorite among TTEC’s Values, which is "Live life passionately." For her, it means pursuing things that can liberate us from stress and make us feel rejuvenated. #ExperienceTTEC #LivingValues

  • Gigi shares what to expect when you are Working from Home at TTEC and other small joys that her role provides that enhances the quality of life. #ExperienceTTEC

  • We can express gratitude every day of the year, and as Julie Bisbee says: you can start with one thank you at any time. You can read more about how to have an attitude of gratitude on our blog. #ExperienceTTEC

  • Pam loved when TTEC went ahead and switched from Office to Work from Home mode because she is thankful that she spends more time with her family, and due to the ease in communication online, she has not lost her work pace. #ExperienceTTEC #WorkFromHome

  • On every Veterans Day we see flags around every house in our neighbourhood paying respect and in remembrance to those who sacrificed their lives for this country and our freedom. As we live though this pandemic, want to thank our military veterans who make it possible. #ExperienceTTEC

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