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Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman
Robert Hohman
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    Employé actuel - Enterprise Account Manager
    Employé actuel - Enterprise Account Manager
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    There are a lot of reasons I love working at Glassdoor:
    1) We are making a major impact in the landscape of recruiting. The mission to help people everywhere find a job and a company they love is meaningful and is something I feel excited about doing every day. I enjoy the conversations I have with our employer partners and I feel like I'm helping them shape their strategy. It's rewarding work.
    2) The people! What other reviewers say is true... I work alongside the smartest, most hard working and driven individuals. It's a true team environment where we all help and support each other.
    3) My managers. I've been incredibly lucky to work for and learn from two really talented individuals in my time here. I always feel they have my best interest at heart, work to remove obstacles, coach me with valuable feedback and push me to be better. While my two managers have been very different, have both taught me skills that will benefit me well past my tenure at Glassdoor.
    4) Add all of the perks like ongoing professional and EQ training, free lunch and snacks, team events, an onsite gym and classes, free health benefits, a beautiful and sunny location, dogs in the office... it truly is a great place to work.


    I am sad to say that it feels like the wheels are falling off in so many areas of the business, and it's easy to lose track of all of the things I love about working here. Each department is stretched incredibly thin. B2B Product rolls out half-finished, not well thought-through products, Data Science is understaffed and can't produce the reporting the sales team needs, Product Marketing can't keep up with sales collateral because they have to jump through 100 hoops to get something developed then approved, our Customer Success team is understaffed/overworked/underpaid and managing too many accounts .... it's no fault of the people in these departments, many of them are incredibly talented, it's that we need more of them.

    Specifically for the ENT Account Management group, I can't even begin to calculate the amount of time spent pulling reports and building presentations for client meetings. This needs to be automated so we can our time strategically selling into our accounts. Like ASAP, not "it's coming." A number of positive changes have been made this year (i.e. reducing the number of accounts each AM manages, fewer reps under one manager, newly created/to-be-formed Customer Insights team) but if you're looking at this role, you need to be prepared to work a lot of late hours, travel around the country and likely only hit 80-90% of your quota.

    Quotas and Compensation? We'll look past the fact that our Fiscal Year started April 1, but we didn't have our quotas until May, nor our Comp Plans until the first week of July. Quotas are structured with unrealistic expectations of revenue growth when our product hasn't historically performed well enough to justify a larger investment from our clients. Although a number of people on the team were asked their input on the structure of both quota and comp, it was all in vain as it doesn't seem any was taken into account. Comp is below market value and an unattainable quota means you're not hitting your OTE and even more underpaid for working 60+ hour weeks. Not to mention you just plain don't feel like you're winning and successful.

    Conseils à la direction

    Stop the broken record. Real talk: the last 2+ years have been painful. Last year you told us you heard us, that things were broken and that this year they would be better: "we have multiple MBA's working on quotas!" I feel like I had blind faith that it would be. I trusted the process, and well, the jokes on me because it's not better. We know exactly how this story ends because we saw it play out last year: the entire sales team loses morale, our best people leave for greener pastures, we don't hit quota, we're all under immense pressure and the org and business struggle as a result. Help us feel set up to win by creating realistic and achievable goals, get into the trenches with us and feel and hear what we're facing every day to be able to do so.

    I'm having a hard time seeing all of the great things we're doing and progress we're making because every single message from our CEO and sr leadership is that the growth team is failing the business, that we need to put our heads down, that we need to fight fight fight and just "do the damn thing." Reset and find an inspiring way of motivating us, of helping us see the forrest through the trees or why we're all here working so hard. Like many of my team mates, I want to be here, I want to love my job, I want to win - help me do that!

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    Employé anonyme - Calgary, AB
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé une entrevue à Glassdoor (Calgary, AB) en août 2017.


    It was thorough and pleasant. The face to face with the Team Leads was an open and comfortable conversation. Everyone I spoke to, whether they were HR or an Executive, knew the answer to every question I asked and had an in-depth understanding of the business and day to day role.

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