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Actualités de l'entreprise

  • Our Intel® Evo™ platform launch required thousands of engineers around the world working together. Here are just a few of their stories, and their advice for anyone looking to work in tech. Get to know the people behind the tech.

  • The world is transforming. And so Intel. Learn more about who we are.

  • How do you know the minerals in our products were ethically sourced? Because we use traceability to ensure human rights in our supply chain. Dig into our employees' experiences crisscrossing Rwanda to discover more about the mines where the brain of your devices originates.

  • This summer, Intel?s Law & Policy team faced a tough call: cancel the internship program or go virtual? They decided to go virtual and go big. Learn how they made the program the best it could be.

  • COVID-19

    Technology, used to its potential, can save lives. The past 100 days of combatting COVID-19 has taught us vital lessons and we?re staying focused. Learn about our progress so far.

  • Welcome to the Intel factory tour. Please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the FOUP at all times. Enjoy the ride.

  • You?ve heard about the AI tech developed to stop illegal poaching, now meet some of our engineers behind it.

  • Stacking servers higher leads to more power, but takes some serious engineering to keep cool.

    Intel Data Center Design Reaches New Heights of Efficiency

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. - At Intel's data center, things are looking up. Literally. The chipmaker is reaching new heights in data center design, building up instead of out with an extra-tall rack that packs more servers into the same space.

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