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Actualités de l'entreprise

  • Whether it's creating charitable programs, promoting wellness, or making work-from-home a bit more fun, shout-out to those employees whose personal initiatives improved the whole company in 2020. Thanks for making Criteo a place to be proud of! #impactfultogether

  • While many people may like the added flexibility of working from home, we recognize that it?s not ideal for everyone. Some face the very real challenges of working with limited space or adapting the home environment for both work and childcare purposes. Recognizing those challenges and supporting teams is crucial for any company leveraging a remote work plan. How do we support and empower our employees?

  • Cookie Apocalypse: is this the end of the world as we know it? Our CTO Diarmuid Gill explains why he feels fine about a post-third-party cookie world and what it means for consumers, publishers and the AdTech ecosystem.

  • What does it feel like to be an engineer at Criteo? Jean Lesaffre and his teams have a big job to do. Every day, they work through large-scale software infrastructure challenges, ensuring that the 200 servers building Criteo’s entire codebase run smoothly 24/7. We talked to Jean about his job, what it’s like to work in Criteo’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) department, and how he balances work with his personal life. Keep reading!

  • By bridging theory and practice, Criteo is building the next generation of digital advertising technologies to meaningfully impact more than a billion internet users. We do so by building a center of Machine Learning research and engineering excellence. Want to make a difference? Join us!

  • Come challenge conventional thinking and drive product innovation to shape the future of Criteo.

  • Our offices are a reflection of our culture. Up this week, the Paris office, our headquarters no less, located in the heart of the city’s right bank with airy architecture inside and stunning views all around. Take a look for yourself!

    Bonjour from France! A Look Inside the Criteo Paris Office | Criteo

    At Criteo, our offices are a reflection not only of our company values but also of the culture and community in which each office is based! This week, we take a tour of Criteo Paris, located in the heart of the city's right bank, with art and stunning views all around.

  • “What you'll hear most about us is that we have the biggest Hadoop cluster in Europe or how we meet the challenges of processing 1 million display opportunities per second. At the end of the day though, it's the people who make the difference.” - Ana Din, Dev Lead in Paris

  • 27,116 km traveled in 9 days, countless cupcakes, one hoverboard-powered ergonomic office chair, and 250+ talented Criteos. Take a look behind the scenes of our new global film.

    [VIDEO] Why Criteo? Behind the scenes of our culture video shoot | Criteo

    A lot of companies talk about building a strong culture, but at Criteo, we take it to heart. And like the data-driven company we are, we've backed our culture with research. Watch our video and read some fun behind-the-scenes facts to find out why our people are our best feature!

  • From the future of advertising to supporting a vibrant AI Community, learn more about our Criteo AI Lab and explore the many ways it will drive innovation

    Criteo AI Lab Launches in Paris: 4 Ways It Will Drive Innovation

    Last week, we officially launched the Criteo AI Lab. The momentous occasion was marked by a series of press and industry influencer events in Paris. On Thursday June 28, Criteo CEO JB Rudelle, and Vice President and Head of the new AI Center, Suju Rajan, hosted reporters, industry analysts, local politicians, and other dignitaries at Criteo HQ in Paris.

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