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  • And the winner of our 2021 ‘Banking on AI for Accessibility’ Hackathon is… SignSense - the team from London and Birmingham! This year’s Hackathon focused on using AI to create an effective banking service that has accessibility and inclusivity at its foundation. The team produced a real-time sign language interpreter. Using any webcam, the software can translate sign language into text using the GCP’s image recognition APIs. This enables real time communication for signers with people who cannot read (a variant of) sign language. We’re immensely proud of their efforts to make banking more inclusive and look forward to seeing how the project develops. Congratulations to everyone involved - there were some incredible ideas all from more than 1200 participants across the world! #dbTechHackathon #EngineerTheFuture #PositiveImpact

    Highlights video of the 'Banking on AI for Accessibility' virtual 24-hour global hackathon

    Highlights video of the 'Banking on AI for Accessibility' virtual 24-hour global hackathon

  • Kam is a Director within the Corporate Bank in New York. She has built her career with us through a series of internal moves - supported by managers who saw her potential even before she did. They encouraged her to push herself out of her comfort zone from an early stage. As a senior member of the team, she’s committed to providing guidance to more junior colleagues, bringing them along to meetings and introducing them to key projects. It’s just one of the ways she’s helping people thrive - whatever their level or background. Read more about what we're doing to create a more inclusive workplace and sign up to our talent pool: #MoreThanBanking #CareerPossibilities #PositiveImpact

  • For Mario it is important to be involved in the lives of his children. Thanks to flexible working, he's able to balance work with family life. Read more about our commitment to building an inclusive culture that provides the environment for employees to succeed: #MoreThanBanking #DrivingChange #PositiveImpact

  • Hear Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing and Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai talk about working together to solve key challenges for Deutsche Bank customers and the financial services industry at large.

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