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Entretien pour Entry Level Maintenance Engineer

-Le Caire,


why Halliburton?


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Immediately, i got a call from them next day... If u didn't get get a call from them within 2 days.. then u r disqualified from the selection process

joanemid le


It depends on the position level you applied for ... If it was entry level....probably there will be no technical questions..they will discuss with you the experience, summer training & courses you had before... I strongly recommend to focus on the HR typical & common questions if the position level is Entry Level.. bcoz they are seeking for certain traits on the character of every candidate

joanemid le


Actually, I applied for 2 positions Wireline Engineer and Maintenance Engineer. I passed the 1st HR interview and have been invited for a Technical interview next week. I am an Entry level however they told me it will be Technical Interview with the Manager and I am curious to know the type of technical questions that he might ask about for the same position that you applied for “Entry Level Maintenance Engineer”? In addition, to the expected Salary?

Ahmed le


Hello, anybody have an idea about this opening "Associate Technical Professional Field Drill Bits and Services" ? I'm confused which openning I should apply for!

Hamza le


im fresh graduated civil engineering , i'd like to work for halliburton , which courses should i take or what should i do ?! i need advise and thanks for interesting

Walid le


Could you tell me some examples for the kinds of questions that the technical engineer asked you?

Ahmed le


regardless the question above there .. i was invited to Hr interview for another vacancy .. i want to know when did they contact you after the HR interview ?

Mohamed Aly le

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