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We're a Fortune 7 company on a global mission to help people live healthier lives while improving the health system and expanding access to quality care. Empowering more than 142 million people worldwide with information, guidance and tools to make healthier choices makes our ...
Mission : Our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help the health care system work better for everyone.

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Andrew Witty
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      J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé un entretien chez UnitedHealth Group (États-Unis)


      I applied early January and received an email to complete an assessment. Assessment was split between a call simulation exercise and “agree or disagree” statements. Early February they sent me an email to complete a self-recorded video interview through ModernHire. After completing the interview, I was contacted the next day to schedule an interview with a department manger. I scheduled it for the following day and spent a little over an hour with the department manager. Partly because of technical issues on their end and partly because we got into a side conversation about one aspect of the job. The next day I received a call from the recruiter to offer me the job. Since the salary was on the lower end, I asked for an increase which was granted. The overall interview/offer process, from the time I got the recorded interview email, was 5 days with my salary negotiation.

      !! Tips & Information !!

      - Self recorded interview consists of recording an introduction video plus answering 7 questions. The questions are a combination of video response prompts and acknowledgement of certain position requirements.

      - Introduction video: I didn’t make it seem as though this was a requirement. What I said was this “Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good day, my name is ___ and I’m applying for the ___ position. I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and help you get to know me better.” I then launched into a synopsis of my background/experience, how it relates to the position and why I choose the position, ending with educational goals and a not so personal “fun fact”.

      - Response prompts: You have 3 minutes to record your response once you click “record” and 4 attempts to answer the question. There’s no time limit before you click “record” so I highly recommend making use of a split screen (if you’re using a laptop) and type up your response to the question or any notes that will help you answer the question. I used the S.T.A.R method to answer the questions (situation, task, action, result). Even when the question had multiple parts, I tried to work them into that STAR format as best as possible.

      - Show enthusiasm when you’re recording your video responses and make sure to look directly into the camera of whatever device you’re using - NOT THE SCREEN!!!

      - Manager interview: they ask a series of questions to gauge your knowledge level about technical things before asking a series of behavioral questions. It may be helpful to gather a list of commonly asked questions to prepare/think about responses ahead of time.

      - Come prepared to your manager interview with questions! Some may get answered during the interview, but here’s some sample questions I had ready below:

      1. Is this position apart of a new initiative or an existing position?
      2. What does a typical day in the position look like?
      3. How is performance measured?
      4. What is the career progression of this position and what other opportunities are available for employee growth?
      5. Elaborating on the previous question: can employees cross-train with other departments and if so, how does that process work?

      This is just a sample, you my want to search for other questions to ask the interviewer. The manager I interviewed with had a lot of internal knowledge so most a majority of my questions came from asking clarifying questions about their background.

      Also, if I were you, I’d find a way to get the interviewer’s contact information to send a follow-up thank you email. If you aren’t able to get the information for the person you spoke with, contact a recruiter and ask them to relay the thank you message or ask for the interviewer’s contact info.

      I hope this helps!!

      Introduction video: tell me about yourself

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    • Best of the BestHispanic Network Magazine2014
    • Best Places to Work for LGBT EqualityHuman Rights Campaign2012
    • 350 Most Admired Companies in the WorldFortune2011
    • 50 AwardLATINA Style2010

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