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  • Chicago, IL
  • Plus de 10 000 employés
  • 1926
  • Entreprise cotée en bourse (UAL)
  • Compagnies aériennes
  • Plus de 10 milliards de dollars US

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We're connecting people and uniting the world. We've paired the world's most comprehensive route network with our modern fleet, the most fuel-efficient among U.S. network carriers (when adjusted for cabin size). We have seven US hub locations, including hubs in the four largest ...

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Scott Kirby
Scott Kirby
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29 avr. 2019
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Ancien employé - Customer Service, Diegem, Brabant Flamand
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    Entretien de Flight Attendant

    Employé anonyme, Newark, NJ
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien chez United Airlines (Newark, NJ) en août 2015


    The interview process is very structured. I applied online and within a week I received an invitation to complete an OnDemand interview via HireVue. Suggestions for HireVue: Be in a well-lit area. My suggestion is to use as much natural lighting as possible. Be well-dressed. Research the company and see how the flight attendants dress for the particular company, and emulate that! The HireVue questions were behavioral questions. Everything I read on GlassDoor has been accurate! Within 4 days, I received an email inviting me to Newark, NJ for a Face-to-Face interview. I was beyond excited! When you call, the booking department will ask you the closest airport. I told her mine, and the flight is free, but please be aware you are usually not a "must-ride" passenger in instances like this. My case, I get to my closest airport with plenty of time to spare. The plane begins boarding. I board the plane and am in my seat. A gentleman from United walks on the plane and calls my name and says the flight is overbooked and I had to get off. I take my carry-on and exit the plane. I was a little stressed at this point. I go inside and wait for the counter to clear so I could talk to the desk agent, and they said the next flight leaves at 10pm (which I would have gotten to Newark at 11 ish), or you can go to another nearby airport and the plane departs in two hours! For a moment, I began to panic thinking I am never going to make it. I was not extremely familiar with the DC Metro stations, nor the other airport. However, I thought to myself, this is all part of the interview...staying cool, calm, and collected during a crisis! I managed to hustle through the DC Metro stops and navigate around. Got to my other airport and through security with about 10 minutes to spare! At this point, I was joking around the gate agent because of the mental meltdown I was having haha! I get on the plane and fly to Newark. Check-in to my hotel. The morning of the interview! Newark is an extremely busy airport! Give yourself plenty of time to get the gate pass and get through security--you do NOT want to be late. I was there a little after 7 and was seated with fellow interviewees by 8 (luckily)! Get to know your fellow applicants! Everyone is nervous, everyone is going through the same thing. Talk, be jolly, and have fun. It helps ease the nerves. Exactly at 9 am, the Inflight Recruiters came to get us! We went to the United building and were checked in. We were all briefed on United and they called the first 6 for interviews. While the others are in the interview, talk and be jolly with the other applicants. Take your mind to a less stressful place, but review some questions and answers in your head, too! My name was called, and I was nervous! The lady who did my one-on-one interview was nice, genuine. The interview was by far the best experience I have ever had! This one took about 45 minutes and it was basic behavioral questions, if/then questions, and we reviewed my resume. We were finished and we walk to the hall (I assumed I was finished), she said, I actually want my colleagues to meet you, so I am going to put you in this room with a few other applicants. I felt good! Talked to the few others in the room with me and they slowly leaving for the second interview. My name was called again and the ladies were nice and genuine again. I went to a very small room with them and they asked me basically the same questions. They said they had to step out and review a few things on my resume and they would be back. I sat in the room and about 5 minutes later, they walked through the door and said, "after reviewing you resume and answers, we have enough information to offer you the job today." Of course, I accepted the offer! The offer is contingent on drug, vision, and hearing tests, as well as passing the training! I leave for training August 30! They took me to the clinic onsite and I completed my drug, hearing, and vision tests!

    Some good things to remember: SMILE, POSTURE, CONFIDENCE, RESEARCH THE COMPANY, PRACTICE QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS! Browse through this site and read the questions other people were asked--it helped me tremendously! Research the company! Know the company! They want someone who can be invested into the company! Be confident!

    Good luck! It was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to begin my new life in the air!

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