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    This was the MOST ridiculous and cumbersome interview process ever. Tons of paperwork with “give me an example” questions. I went through 3 or 4 of them before they set me up with the online testing part. I took the personality test and NEVER HEARD ANOTHER peep from a company that had me do almost a week’s worth of work for a “coach” job. I came into the interview with over 12 years of health care sales with Fortune 500 companies. I looked back and there were over 30 emails from the company in a 2 week period for the interview process.

    Obviously this was concerning, I mean, what possibly could have been so bad on a personality test that would warrant such a rude “ghosting approach”. With the company making such a fuss about how well they treat people, this certainly was an example of not meeting their own standards.

    It was a good learning experience. I am now with a wonderful,company in a rewarding job. I will refuse an interview process that emulates this one. My time is money and this company had no respect for that.

    “Give me an example of a time you changed a customer’s mind”

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