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SSW was established as a non-profit organization in 2001. Since its inception, the goal of SSW had been to drive value through the regionalization of strategic sourcing. SSW has evolved into a shared service provider, allowing for the full continuum of Supply Chain Services to ... En savoir plus

Mission: SSW adds Value to our Members and Customers in support of Health care excellence by providing leadership in Integrated and Innovative Service Delivery.

Shared Services West – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

It is believed by SSW's leadership that our vision, mission and core values form the foundation on which the organization will evolve and grow. Since 2009, SSW has worked to redefine its identity and through this exercise has defined a refreshed organizational vision and mission that aligns with the 2010-2015 strategic direction as well as established values that support their attainment. Vision, Mission, and Values are defined as follows:

Our corporate vision defines the overall goal of SSW that all business activities and processes should contribute toward achieving. The vision for SSW in 2010-2015 is simply stated as follows:

Integrating for value. Leaders in service.

Our mission statement defines the scope of our business and who our customers are. It provides the direction required for future organizational development. SSW's mission statement to support our Strategic Plan over the next 5 years is as follows:

SSW adds Value to our customers in support of Health care excellence by providing leadership in Integrated and Innovative Service Delivery.

Our core values define our operating philosophies that guide our organizations internal conduct. They define who we are and how we operate. The following are the core values SSW has established as behavioural cornerstones of our organizational culture.

Value Description

1. Excellence

"Be the best we can be"

  • Demonstrating professionalism
  • Taking initiative/working hard
  • Having creative spirit
  • Bringing full self in
  • Seeking/adapting best practices

2. Commitment

"We're committed to being all in"

  • Living through the values of the organization
  • Taking personal responsibility for your actions
  • Being supportive of peers/stakeholders
  • Improving the quality of patient care
  •  "We get it done"

3. Selfless Service

"Seek first to understand, then to serve"

  • Serving each other with respect, caring, friendliness
  • Treating one another as we want to be served
  • Showing up with a positive attitude
  • Finding joy in selfless service to others
  • Understanding/serving the customer's expectation

4. Honesty & Integrity

"Stay true to ourselves and others"

  • Promoting freedom to fail
  • Being authentic by being candid/showing up with your true self
  • Having a common good in mind
  • Being ethical

5. Open-Mindedness

"Embrace change and see the win-win"

  • Seeking to embrace change
  • Listening to others' viewpoints
  • Practicing being non-judgmental
  • Creatively looking for win-win in all situations

6. Lifelong Learning

"There's no finish line in the pursuit of knowledge"

  • Openly sharing/teaching personal wisdom
  • Committing to ongoing personal/professional development
  • Aspiring to continuous improvement
  • Applying tomorrow what you learn today

To deliver excellence and desired results we need talented and passionate individuals. SSW is committed to create an environment that promotes such personalities and optimizes performance. Our Culture supports creative thinking and personal ownership. Together, we can contribute to the well-being of communities we serve!

Learning and Development

SSW values and supports the acquisition and sharing of knowledge. Our commitment to continuous learning and professional development at all levels of the organization is set to promote best practices and the highest standards of service.

For diploma, certificate or personal development course arising from a Performance Management Review SSW will pay 100% of registration, tuition, examination and laboratory fees upon successful completion of the course and submission of transcripts. Assistance will be limited to $2000 per calendar year. Any amount over $2000 will require CEO approval. In addition, the company will also pay for books, capped at $250 per employee.

SSW also offers an in-house education series of various workshops, as well as a third party training program focusing around customer service and "difficult conversations at work".

Furthermore, SSW promotes an environment of personal development and coaching with a focus on guiding to discover one's talents and passions and utilizing them to achieve professional fulfillment. Our leadership staff are committed to provide support to individuals displaying a desire to take on a formal and/or informal leadership roles. SSW leaders stand for creating a safe environment by providing an honest and respectful feedback about each individual's contribution. They strive to engage the staff by bringing a focus on personal development, reward and succession.

Competitive Benefits Package

SSW offers its employees a truly competitive benefits package designed to protect staff and their families. The following are just a few benefits that we particularly take pride in:

  • Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), a defined benefit pension plan that provides members with a retirement income for life. It is one of the biggest and most respected plans in the country, an industry leader among multi-employer plans. The contributions are made by both, employee and employer. For every $1.00 that employee contributes, SSW contributes $1.26.
  • Group Benefits Plan, which includes health and dental coverage, travel emergency medical coverage, basic life as well as employee and spousal optional life insurance, basic accidental death dismemberment insurance, long term disability insurance, and a short term disability program.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Confidential Services
  • Employee Health, Safety Wellness Services including ergonomic assessments

Work/Life Balance

SSW understands the challenge to maintain a balance between three key areas of human life: SELF, FAMILY and WORK. Life out of balance creates stress and ultimately affects our performance in all the three key areas. SSW, as an employer of choice, is committed to foster an environment that aims at alleviating the working conditions to restore and maintain that balance. Some of the features offered to our employees are:

  • Family Medical Emergency Time Off
  • Pregnancy Parental Leave top-up up to 84% for the first 27 weeks
  • Flexible hours, where applicable
  • Minimum 3 weeks of vacation for all new hires
  • 2 float days in addition to 10 statutory holidays

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  • « People focused »

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    Employé actuel - Logistics Supervisor - Mississauga, ON
    Employé actuel - Logistics Supervisor - Mississauga, ON
    Point de vue positif
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    Je travaille chez Shared Services West à plein temps (Plus de 3 ans)


    SSW is an organization which encourages the best out of its employees. The leadership is open to new ideas, will action positive changes, and encourages the development of its people.

    Personally, every request I had to learn other aspects of supply chain was met with encouragement and action plans in order to fulfill my desire to learn. Many times my manager took on my responsibilities so that I could shadow and develop. I used this knowledge to better complete my duties and communicate to my employees with a better understanding of the 'big picture'.

    The mentality of SSW in terms of work ethic is to get the job done - no matter where you're located. The flexibility to show up when needed rather than a hard start and finish time helped my family life immensely. There are times I had to work at home after the kids went down, but it was a tradeoff to coming in late in the morning.

    The people here are a family and will assist with requests if they are able. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed because they understand that their success is the success of the clinicians, patients, and taxpayers. We all want to bring value to the Healthcare Supply Chain.


    None worth mentioning. Every job and their knit picking but there are no major cons that would improve performance.

    Conseils à la direction

    Keep supporting your employees as you do and you'll develop the best talent Ontario can produce.

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    J'ai postulé via une recommandation d'un employé. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Shared Services West (Oakville, ON) en juillet 2016.


    The interview process moved very rapidly and the HR team was very professional and friendly. The face to face interviews were very relaxed and felt more like a conversation rather than a traditional interview. I liked the conversational approach as it also gave me comfort with the managers and to get a feel if we will be a good match for each other. There was also an Excel competency test and a personality analysis questionnaire.

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    • Procurement process related and personality type questions.   1 réponse
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