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Nashville, TN (États-Unis)
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    Employé actuel - Clinical Research Associate
    Employé actuel - Clinical Research Associate
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    Sarah Cannon Research Institute is a world class cancer research organization that stays true to it's mission. The company overall espouses and attempts to build a culture of accountability, candidness and generally builds up it's employees.


    Attrition within Innovations is through the rough especially in the Clinical Affairs department. Those who are left over are forced to cover the resourcing gaps and not compensated accordingly. New staff are being hired without sufficient training and essentially set up to fail since there are few experienced enough and with sufficient time to train them. We're happy to see others "escape" the environment that currently exists. It's unfortunate and disheartening to see how much the culture has changed within Development Innovations. People in senior leadership positions used to care about employee feedback and employees were not afraid to share their ideas. It inspired a huge loyalty to the company that there's not enough money in the world to buy. We used to enjoy coming to work and being in the office because the atmosphere was so positive. Now despite the beautiful new building, coming into the office feels soul crushing. A CYA culture is rampant and almost everyone is looking for opportunities to leave the company. Those who are staying are simply waiting to build enough experience to leave. This is something I would not have considered 2 years ago. It is known that candid feedback could cost you your job whether it is based on facts or not. Major decisions are pushed down, not well communicated nor is the rationale explained in order to facilitate process changes. Feedback is not sought from those who are most affected thus some of the process changes are huge failures and end up being reverted to the old process despite the amount of time and effort that was required to implement the change. For example, TMF document tracking is now going back to excel spreadsheets after the amount of overtime that was put into changing that process. Thankfully, one of the problem CRA managers is moving into a different role but this change has come a little too late, after much damage has been done. The message that candidness is no longer allowed or encouraged within the company has already been etched in our minds despite lots of talk to the contrary. What the leadership says and what it does are not in alignment. How can we trust them when we know they're not being honest with us?

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    It is known that HR is already aware of the issues within Innovations and does nothing to eliminate the root cause which is a massive change in the highest level of Innovations leadership. The message being communicated to Innovations personnel is that they do not matter and no one cares about the woes we are experiencing. If a huge leadership figure that brought incredible stability to the group was driven out of the company without much fanfare, how much more fear should the little employees have for losing their jobs if any candid feedback is shared?

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    Was contacted by HR, completed some questions by email, had initial and follow-up phone interviews. People were friendly. Process seemed a bit disorganized, as if they do not hire often from the outside. Follow-up communication was poor.

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