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Toronto, ON
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  • « Lessons learnt - some good, some bad »

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    • Opportunités de carrière
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    Ancien employé - Recruiter - Toronto, ON
    Ancien employé - Recruiter - Toronto, ON
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    Perspective négative
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    - The clientele is good
    - Provides opportunity to build network in the industry
    - Uses top technology
    - Tech training for all employees
    - Targets are reasonable
    - Commission Structure


    - The founder is unprofessional; choice of words, tone, actions/behaviour at workspace
    - Lack of trust on employees and micro management
    - Hostile environment
    - Management decisions made on a whim
    - Constant change of decisions

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Sage Recruiting photo de : A Lunch & Learn in our kitchen
Sage Recruiting photo de : Common Space
Sage Recruiting photo de : Office Space
Sage Recruiting photo de : Some of the team in a common space!
Sage Recruiting photo de : Kitchen Common Space
Sage Recruiting photo de : Kitchen
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    Entretien de Technical Recruiter

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Toronto, ON
    Aucune offre d'embauche
    Expérience négative
    Difficulté moyenne


    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien à Sage Recruiting (Toronto, ON).


    I actually have interviewed twice with this organization. The first time it was a very short conversation with the founder, which lasted a couple of minutes. I had recently arrived to Canada and my english skills were weak which I understood.

    I really liked the company so after a couple of years of experience I saw they posted a role and I was very excited to apply again!

    The founder contacted me right away and we booked a time to chat.
    This has been hands down the most horrible and unprofessional interview I had ever had. I actually mentioned to her that we had chatted in the past and that I had always liked the company and the tech training they provide for tech recruiters. She told me she remembered me and told me my english had improved a lot, which I appreciated.

    Later she asked asked me why I moved from the 1st organization I worked with in Canada, by that time I was working on my second employment in Canada, I explained that the compensation I had at the first was very challenging for me and this organization offered me a 25% increment. She later asked me how many placements I had done and I went on and told her the ones that I had had, she started asking me for the exact amount on commission that I received for them. I explained the ones that I was able to received the payment and the other I told her I actually lost those commissions due to my change to the second employer, she started asking me, why would I leave those commissions, that it didn't make sense and so on. Basically she didn't believe me and she went above and beyond to make sure I noticed. I explained that the process with the second organization had been quite long and in the process I had closed some candidates and it takes time to collect the commissions, however, she told me it didn't make sense.

    Also, in my resume, I had listed some of the clients I had been working with. She asked me why would I list the clients that it was highly unprofessional and she should contact my ex employer to let them know I was listing some of their clients on my resume. That she would wo and contact them to start working with them.

    She made me feel terrible! Like I had done something extremely wrong. I told her that I did not see it that was as my resume was to share with potential employers who would like to know what kind of recruitment I've done. That those clients were there for her to approach but it wouldn't necessarily mean they will want to work with her.

    The interview was a terrible experience and I couldn't believe she almost made me cry.

    Obviously the interview was not successful for neither parties and I was quite disappointed about it.

    She was rather unprofessional and aggressive

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    • How much commissions did you receive during the year?   1 réponse
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