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Oklahoma City, OK (États-Unis)
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Paycom President Chad Richison
Chad Richison
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    The sense of community is astounding. I love my coworkers and enjoy getting to work with them every day. The benefits are also hard to compete with, which is why I am still with the company.


    There is a lot going on in one of our client facing departments. They are currently requiring members on these teams to have their phones on DND no more than 1 hour a day which is great for clients, but not so great for our team members. 6 employees were just fired for cheating the system. Instead of Paycom taking a step back and asking themselves why their employees felt the need to do what they did, they fired 6 individuals who collectively, had several years of experience behind them. Which honestly, is something they cannot afford.
    There is also a current issue with training. It's not enough. It's paid, onsite training, but with the amount of stuff you're required to get done in a day, things start slipping through the cracks. You cannot take care of the customers without the proper training. (You also shouldn't fire 6 people that do actually know what they're doing).
    Paycom seems to think anyone is expendable. "Fire 6 people, no big deal. We'll just hire someone who we think will do a good job even though they haven't been here but 6 months or have no business leading a team." seems to be the slogan of our managers as of late.

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    This company is falling apart from the inside out. We win all these awards and sometimes, I'm not sure how. Sure, we're compensated nicely and you give us gifts every month, but the way some of us are treated is almost inhumane. We are not expendable. We put time, value and money into getting to know this company and into doing our jobs. No gift you give me is going to make up for the fact that the amount of stuff I have to do in a single day takes me away from my family.. stress is so much, it often makes me sick. You're probably going to respond and tell me this company may not be the best fit for me, and that's fine. But hopefully someone else will see what I'm saying and make the decision to stay away from this place until our executives have figured out what it is they want to do, and have figured out a better way to achieve it than by bullying their current employees.

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    Entretien de Sales Manager

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Laurel, MD (États-Unis)
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    Le processus a pris 7 semaines. J'ai passé une entrevue à Paycom (Laurel, MD (États-Unis)) en février 2018.


    Had an initial phone screen with a recruiter who was awesome. She was quick and responsive and prepared me with adequate information prior to the interview. The next step was an in person interview in the Arlington location. The hiring manager was rude. She cut me off when I was talking multiple times and checked her phone for five minutes in the middle of an interview. One reason she cut me off was because she wanted to make sure she had enough time to answer any questions. Had she not checked her phone for so long, she would have had time. My one critique for the recruiter is that she told me to bring a copy of my resume and the hiring manager said she doesn’t believe in wasting paper. The questions were based heavily on personality traits. My biggest negative take away is that the manager actually said she does not encourage people to pursue activities outside of the workplace such as higher education or learning new life skills. She feels that all energy should be focused on Paycom to reduce complacency. I would steer clear of working at the Arlington location at all cost.

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  • The Build 100, Inc., 2014
  • Top Workplaces, The Oklahoman, 2013
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