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We are a family of brands dedicated to eliminating the busy-work involved in time and expense management. By simplifying these processes, we let you get back to the real work of making your customers happy, growing your business, and thinking about the next big thing. No matter ... En savoir plus

Mission: What sets us apart? Three things: our products, our service, and our unbeatable integrations.

1. Outstanding Products:
We never stop improving the design and functionality of our products.

2. Great Service:
We provide ... En savoir plus

Nexonia Inc. – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

  • Delighted customers: We’re proud to continue serving our 900+ customers, in 18 countries worldwide.
  • Included support: We offer support and training resources for all customers, end users, and administrators.
  • Outstanding integrations: Seamless integration with leading accounting/ERP systems, CRM, payroll, and travel management systems, as well as all types of credit cards.
  • Highly configurable feature sets: We can turn on the features you need with just a few clicks.
  • Fast implementation: We get our customers up and running incredibly quickly, so you can begin saving time and money right away.
  • Reliability: Our average unscheduled downtime is less than five minutes per month.
  • Mobile apps: We offer powerful, intuitive iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone apps.
  • Continuous improvement: We add new features, enhance existing ones, and improve our usability almost daily – not weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Mobile apps: We offer powerful, intuitive iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone apps.

Nexonia’s foundation is built upon an amazing team of developers based in our Montreal office, and an equally zealous group of Nexonians based in our Toronto headquarters. Together, the company represents more than just a name. We’re looking for amazing people to join our growing company, and we’re looking for smart, nice and great-at-what-you-do people. We can’t continue to make the magic happen if you don’t have the same passion and drive that represents our culture and organization. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and by allowing the talented team at Nexonia to engage and thrive to their best potential, our success continues to grow as we build careers through hard work, employee engagement and of course, plenty of fun!

What do we look for when we look to hire our next “Nexonian?”

We look for people who are:

  • NICE

Besides the experience you bring to your role and the transferable skills that allow you to make an impact on your career, we also have strong values at Nexonia. We want to bring in people who are smart, nice, and great at what they do (not just good, they have to be great)! Part of our culture here is to treat everyone with the platinum rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated. Have respect for your peers and always remain curious and inquisitive. Be honest, even when it’s tough to hear, and embrace transparency. Reach out to management and share ideas so we can collaborate and build an even greater company. That’s what it’s like to be a true Nexonian. These aren’t just nice words on a wall – they truly have meaning to all of us and that makes it important.

We’re also looking for candidates that have a keen desire to learn, grow and develop as individuals. We know that professional development (aka continuous learning) is essential for career growth so that we can groom and support our future leaders of the company. It’s important for us to know that every individual that joins Nexonia is constantly developing their skills, gaining valuable experiences, and finding their journey as rewarding as possible. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to know that smart people joined our company and only became that much smarter – that in itself makes us truly happy.

What’s in it for me?

  • 100% employer-paid health and dental benefits that begin upon your first day of work (no waiting period)
  • NexFridays – aka free beer social every Friday to kick off the weekend
  • Company-paid fruits, coffee, tea and beverages in the kitchen with a big screen TV to chill out and catch up with the rest of the world
  • Shops and restaurants conveniently located downstairs from the office (that means you don’t get cold in the winter or wet when it’s raining)
  • Monthly Nexies awards (that’s our term for employee recognition awards nominated by fellow Nexonians)
  • The opportunity to work with a leadership team that truly cares about your development in order to gain a rewarding career that will last a lifetime
  • Last but not least, the opportunity to work with really cool and collaborative people who truly want to build an amazing company.

At Nexonia we take our hiring very seriously. We invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring we have the right team, and given you’d like to join, we know you like that too! Our typical hiring process includes:

  1. You send us your resume (of course). See below!
  2. If we feel it’s a fit for us (and for you, we look at it from both perspectives) then we’ll schedule one or more phone interviews.
  3. If the phone interviews go well, we’ll likely ask you to take one or more quick online tests for both Toronto and Montreal positions.
  4. After the online tests, if all goes well, we’ll invite you in to meet the team! This might be on one day or a couple of days if we need to invite you in again (but we try not to do that…we’re conscious of your time and the investment you’re making).
  5. If the in-person interviews go well, you can expect an offer and we’d be delighted to have you!
  6. Our offers are always conditional upon positive professional reference checks, education checks, and a criminal background check.
  7. If you’re currently working, we insist on you giving an acceptable notice period. It’s the professional thing to do and we fully support it, no matter how excited you might be to join us (or us that you’re joining).
  8. Then you’re in!

On your first day at Nexonia you’ll have a computer, phone, lots of paperwork and then the opportunity to learn all about our products and our central focus on delighting our customers. Of course not everyone makes it through, but that’s OK too as we want it to be great experience and if you’re not the right fit, it wouldn’t be good for anyone and that’s not something we want for you or us. However, we really hope you’re a fit because we can’t wait to work with you!

Avis des employés Nexonia Inc.

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    Employé actuel - Développeur Mobile - Montréal, QC
    Employé actuel - Développeur Mobile - Montréal, QC

    Je travaille chez Nexonia Inc. à plein temps (Moins d'un an)


    Tout le monde est exceptionnellement gentil chez Nexonia. L'ambiance de travail à Montréal est à la fois paisible et excitante. Autant on nous laisse faire notre travail, autant nous sommes invités et encouragés à partager. L'ambiance de respect que, personnellement, après plus de dix ans en développement j'ai rarement vu ailleurs, rend tout plus facile et témoigne de la confiance qui règne chez Nexonia.

    Tous les employé-e-s semblent dédiés à mettre la barre haute en termes de qualité du travail et de qualités humaines. Chaque semaine nous partageons ce que nous avons fait et comment. Ces discussions sont ouvertes et permettent à chacun de collectivement participer à créer des produits exceptionnels en apprenant des approches et des techniques des autres membres de l'équipe. Cette approche fonctionne particulièrement bien chez Nexonia, car chacun démontre un grand respect pour ses collègues. Il en découle que nous avons tous un réel impact sur les activités de la compagnie.

    Un point marquant chez Nexonia est aussi la nette séparation entre l'équipe de développement et l'équipe de marketing/gestion. Bien sûr nous travaillons tous ensemble vers un seul but commun. Cependant, pouvoir développer sans être interrompu est merveilleux. Cela est possible car les deux équipes sont géographiquement éloignées (Montréal et Toronto), mais aussi parce qu'un grand soin est mis à établir un processus de communication efficace entre les deux pôles.

    C'est sans parler des diverses activités sociales que nous faisons, soit à travers Nexonia - comme les deux rencontres annuelles avec l'équipe de Toronto -, soit simplement entre collègues. Nous avons régulièrement l'occasion de se détendre et d'apprécier notre côté plus léger.

    Ma meilleure expérience de travail à vie.


    On doit toujours être prêt au changement et l'embrasser. Ça peut être intimidant au début, mais on s'habitue à ce que tout ne soit pas coulé dans le béton. Et puis il faut bien avouer que ça nous change de l'éternel "on a toujours fait ça ainsi".

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    3 step - Phone call, online test, in person interview. Very friendly experience. HR is not responsive after interview for followups. Was good experience at office with hiring managers.

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