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    « For a self proclaimed 'progressive', 'challenging convention' and 'fostering social change' is grossly inaccurate. »

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    When a hiring manager understands how to lead, empower, train and build professional quality in the office by supervising with a relational capacity and encouraging development--the place is a keen environment to have a productive, proactive and positive experience. Benefits are good, the overall mission is powerful and most of the students are there with some of the best intentions of bettering our society. The school has a rich history that marketing clings onto--hopefully faculty and students continue their activists stances on immigration, free education and inclusion. The brand has a far reaching and international reputation, leading many students from varied countries to attend all levels of degrees.


    Working in administration for many years, I noticed a despicable sense of bureaucracy. Getting anything done required vapid meetings with unknowledgeable and out-of-touch leadership. Enrollment management/admissions are the most egregious. Leadership in that department act like factory managers in an industrialized corporate learning factory, bringing in more and more students without the selectivity all colleges within the school supposedly accentuates in marketing materials. The lack of knowledge of the most basic systems and strategies breeds poor decisions and frustrate deans and faculty (and current students) to the core. The school does not stand by it's mission behind the walls of the administrative machine. The bottom line is dollar bills, not student well being. Over full classrooms, poor adjunct pay (& communication), not enough courses running for saturated majors of students trying to complete their degree leading them to stay longer ($$$$$) to complete their requirements. Mainly, the place is the epitome of students concerns equalling dollar bills opposed to the righteous mission of yesteryear. One of the VPs managing 'Student Success' main experience before being hired was at the University of Phoenix--an online degree mill. Seriously pathetic choices have been made by the president for other senior leadership in Enrollment. The school's structure reveals that due to this 'out-of-touch' leadership the 'middle tier' salary employees and union employees are working well over their full time job descriptions. Folks are underpaid for the technical and advanced professional work-load and when individuals move on to better environments with higher pay (and respect) the administration freezes hiring to save money. This burdens the current employee with even more work and long hours without better pay or promotions.

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    Senior management: Sit in the data entry offices entering bio data, do a student audit prior to graduation, register a student for classes, sit in a crowded class for a semester, apply for financial aid, speak to a counselor, go to a high school classroom to recruit, read an application--stop talking in circles at meetings and start understanding your students' and employees' real life experiences.

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    - past experience questions, goals, area of study, what do you hop to get of it, hours of availability, future goals, how long at the New Schoo, very chill interview process.

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