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    « Toxic work environment. Unprofessional upper management and staff. Felt like high school all over again. Steer Clear. »

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    Je travaille chez Native Instruments à plein temps


    - Good discount on products (although not really a pro since discount gear doesn't pay the bills)

    - good amenities

    - talented team with good skills


    - Higher ups do not care about employees at all. They will lynch you in a second and hire the next guy or girl in line who is eager to work for the company the moment you try to give input or suggest changes. I have seen many colleagues come and go because they did not agree on certain aspects of a project, and many negative scenarios and unethical practices/tactics to fire employees for no cause. Their marketing works in terms of making them look good externally, but from an internal perspective it's toxic, narcissistic, and a cesspool of people who think they are better then everyone else.

    - Lack professionalism and work under fear tactics.

    - Always telling you that you are replaceable and using "the brand" as a way to keep you under control.

    - higher ups gossip, and create toxic situations. treat regular employees unfairly and look to them as inferior additions to the company.

    - morale of the office is super strict and a bit rough to walk into after working here for a while. You really start to notice the self entitlement that the company prefers when they hire people. It feels like highschool again. Groups of "clicks" who gossip and pretend to be your friend but really, they are just there to drop the words "I work for NI" and "I'm a *insert job title* for NI".

    - hypocritical. their marketing suggest they want to help musicians and showcase a welcoming home but it is anything but that.

    - Zero support, training, and growth. They are not here to help you succeed. Instead, they are wait for you to screw up and not tell you so they can use it against you and toss you under the bus.

    - No valid reasons for staff firings and layoffs. I saw many of my talented colleagues let go out of nowhere. This is not a trust worthy company.

    Conseils à la direction

    Fire yourselves and hire new managers. You guys run this place in the most unprofessional way and it is a shame that you do not invest in those who clearly have a passion for the music industry and the products that allow creatives to produce. Stop pretending and take responsibility for what your company is really about. Glass door is clearly exposing you all.

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    Entretien de Software Engineer

    Employé anonyme - Berlin (Allemagne)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 6 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Native Instruments (Berlin (Allemagne)) en août 2018.


    I live in London but was applying for a job in Berlin. I applied online.

    I first had to complete a code challenge. The code challenge difficulty was very well pitched, I had to think about it a lot but it was perfectly achievable with some application.

    After the challenge, I had to wait a while for feedback. I think that this is mostly down to the fact that it was August and a lot of people were on vacation.

    I had a Google Hangouts interview. with the engineering manager and tech lead, which lasted an hour. Very quickly after this interview they asked me for a second interview with the wider team.

    Thankfully I was in Berlin shortly after this, so my second interview was in person. It was with three developers in the Native Instruments offices. We had a very interesting conversation about my technical ability and my ideal way of working, as well as challenges I had faced in previous companies. I also had a tour of the offices and a quick chat with a hiring manager about start date etc.

    After this interview, I was offered a job.

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    • Give an example of a crisis from a previous workplace, and how did you resolve this.   1 réponse
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  • Fair Company,, 2015
  • trendence Graduate Barometer - IT Edition, trendence Institut, 2015
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