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Toronto, ON
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We’re a software studio. We make smarter interfaces to empower your employees and engage your customers.

Want to learn more or join the team? Message us.

Mission: To re-energize how people connect in the workplace.

Myplanet – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

Myplanet is an employee-owned software studio and certified B Corporation based in Toronto. We work with the world’s most influential organizations to craft intelligent software that helps people get their jobs done.

In 2009, we began as a small web development company focused on user experience design and open source technology. Today, our team of over 100 practitioners tackles mission-critical digital challenges that affect companies, their employees, and their customers.

We believe that the best experiences at work are those where technology acts on your behalf. That’s why we’re building deep capabilities in data-driven design, AI implementation, and personalization, while forming strong partnerships with leaders in machine learning, hardware development, and IoT platforms.

We're a team of makers, collaborators, and entrepreneurs hell-bent on making software better.

Designers, technologists, product strategists, employee enablers, resident canines… we’re a varied and fun bunch. Here’s how we describe our culture:

  1. We make stuff. Strategy is important, but shipping products that people will actually use is downright critical. We sweat the details.
  2. We get our hands dirty. No matter what our job description says, we roll up our sleeves and pitch in where we can.
  3. We prioritize self-organizing teams. We enjoy autonomy in our activities but look to our leaders to hold us accountable for outcomes.
  4. We don’t hire heroes. We work with people who recognize that great products are built by teams, not solo allstars.
  5. We’ve got the spirit of entrepreneurs. We take the initiative to try things out, ask for help where necessary, and endlessly inspect our business.
  6. We’re interested in everyday problems. We dig in deep on juicy problems to change how people get their jobs done.
  7. We communicate like we’re flat. We share ideas, challenge each other, and provide feedback as equals—no matter what our roles are.
  8. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we challenge ourselves to do our best work. We’re a bit rough around the edges and a bit less polished than your average agency but we seek out mastery at every turn.
  9. We strive for diversity. We’ll never be perfect, but we’re always looking to expand our horizons.

Bakers, hockey fans, gamers, parents, musicians... We’re not all the same, but we all have the same passion for doing great work. If that sounds like you, apply to join our team today.

A message from Myplanet Founder & CEO, Jason Cottrell


Hello potential Myplaneteer!

Thanks for taking a look at our profile. I wanted to give you a bit of insight into our commitment here at Myplanet.

Every day we come to work with one aim: to make the experiences of everyday life more enjoyable.

That means most of our time is spent improving the products we all use at work. We’re not out to create the next sexy, cool app— we’re more interested in tackling tough challenges that have a real impact. We come to the office each day ready to make another part of the workplace more useful, efficient, or delightful for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, often millions of people worldwide.

If you wonder why you haven't heard of us, it's because we aren't all that interested in being flashy. You'll find some very cool work here, but you won't see us bragging about it in every social media channel we can find. In just a few short years we have delivered impressive revenue and rapid valuation growth, but we don’t let that go to our heads. We're proud of our growth, but we carry greater pride in constantly delivering world class experiences to our customers, users, and employees.

We love cross-functional individuals and we hold this as a critical skill in completing our work. We'll invest in you as a person, as a professional, and as part of a cross-functional team. We invest the most in those who are here for the long haul— we need committed individuals to help us re-energize how the world works (literally).

We'll ask you to participate in making Myplanet better, too. Help us strengthen our culture of makers, collaborators, and entrepreneurs. We want you to become involved in the discussion, to always be ready to roll up your sleeves and be part of the solution.

Lastly, we will challenge you to live by our values: Focus, Innovation, Mastery, Humanity, and Collaboration. And on the days where we don't do the same (hey, nobody is perfect...) we ask you to call us out on that. We will wake up the next day doubly motivated to stay true to who we are.

These principles may seem simple, but they deliver consistent results. If this seems like your cup of tea, now is the time to apply. Take a look at our open positions, perks, and employee reviews.

Here’s to building a better Myplanet!

- Jason
CEO & Co-Founder

We might be biased, but we truly think the best perk of working at Myplanet is the great people you’ll be working with. We’re passionate about what we do and if you’re passionate too, we’d love to work with you

That said, we know you're intersted in the  many other benefits that you can expect when working at Myplanet.

We want you to have a great work/life balance

  • Minimum of three weeks (15 days) paid vacation time
  • Unlimited sick time or mental health days per calendar year
  • Flexible arrangements to work from home when needed
  • Generous top-up program for maternity and parental leave
  • Weekly social gatherings, a family-like environment in an open-concept office
  • Meet and interact with the entire team, including remote members, during our quarterly Alignment Week

We want you to be an owner

  • All full-time, permanent Myplanet employees receive options as part of our Employee Stock Option Program
  • Available share purchase options for tenured employees
  • A commitment to review compensation on a semi-annual basis and making any necessary adjustments at that time

We want you to grow your skills faster here than anywhere else

  • Awesome Time — Time away from client and project work to focus on your skills development
  • Innovation Time — Quarterly Conference Days where the company focuses on bottom-up innovation on behalf of our customers and industry
  • Support for certification and thought leadership tied to our key industry partnerships, including quarterly funding allowance for books and courses
  • Detailed 360-degree performance feedback to support your career growth
  • Weekly gatherings with knowledge sharing and show-and-tell (Lightning Talks) as well as regular, in-depth learning workshops ("Planetariums") 
  • Regular professional development meetings with a mentor to help you identify areas for growth or development

We want you to develop your leadership skills and emotional intelligence

  • Employee Assistance Plan with premiums paid by Myplanet
  • Time set aside for twice-weekly meditation practice
  • Myplanet Mind and High Performance Leadership certification programs developed and delivered exclusively within Myplanet

We want you to contribute to your profession and your community

  • Sponsored time for professional or community contribution
  • Participate in our Myplanet Fellowship program, where we donate our time to train students in a professional setting, donating the work product to not-for-profit organizations
  • Support for speaking engagements and public thought leadership
  • Recognized over multiple years as a B Corp: Best for Workers company

We want you to have access to more than basic coverage

  • Group Benefits plan (options for single and family coverage) with premiums 100% paid by Myplanet for single coverage, consisting of:
        - Health
        - Dental
        - Paramedical coverage, including Chiropractic and Massage
        - Vision Care
        - Global Medical Assistance
        - Life Insurance Policy
        - Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy
        - Long-Term Disability Coverage
        - Critical Illness Insurance

Avis des employés Myplanet

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    Employé actuel - Lead - Toronto, ON
    Employé actuel - Lead - Toronto, ON
    Point de vue positif
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    Je travaille chez Myplanet à plein temps (Plus d'un an)


    - Great office and location
    - Not what you would expect of an agency. They lead with a lot of integrity and put the people first
    - Interesting work
    - Engaged employees
    - Fun environment
    - Fast paced
    - Office dogs!


    - Overall the people are great but there are some employees with a lot of influence... or maybe they’re just loud... who are very exclusive. If you don’t agree with them they are passive aggressive and will slowly ice you out. It can be demotivating since they plan the company events and social activities. I know it’s not just me who feels this way. It’s like high school all over again if you are in the thick of it
    - Very reactive approach overall but lots of smart people so the two balance eachother out
    - Employees skew a bit younger so there is a sense of entitlement but leadership manages this well

    Conseils à la direction

    Keep it up. I have really enjoyed my years here.

    Do more of the leading (don’t leave it all to the PGs and other employees). Some of us who aren’t as vocal need a leader to ask us how we are doing and not a peer. It makes a big difference.

    Try to be mindful of who you have in charge of things.

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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Toronto, ON
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    Le processus a pris 6 jours. J'ai passé un entretien à Myplanet (Toronto, ON).


    Overal an ok first call. I did not pass the first round and I found the caliber of the behavioural questions lower than what I expected from a forward thinking agency which really deflated my excitement. "What would you improve about yourself", "tell me about a time ...". Felt more like I was getting interviewed by a big bank. More importantly it was communicated that there will be a feedback regardless of the result which was not the case.

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Prix et distinctions de Myplanet

  • 50 Most Innovative Workplaces, The Elevated Awards, 2019
  • Best for the World - Workers, B Corporation, 2018
  • Best for Workers, B Corporation, 2016
  • Entrepreneur Under 30, Toronto Board of Trade, 2015
  • Momentum Company of the Year, YTA Technology Leadership Awards, 2013
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