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    Le processus a pris +4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Jewson.


    I had previously applied for a Business Development Manager role and had been invited to partake in a series of interviews before being invited to apply for the Major Account Manager position.

    Initially there was a telephone screening call, not much was really discussed here, I was then told that I would receive a link by email and need to complete an online automated interview, which I did.

    I had never encountered something like this before, but I could see how this would be an effective way to take a candidate outside of their comfort zone and see both how they react but how they are able to think on their toes.

    A series of questions ensued, which I shall go in to more detail about later, but ultimately you were asked a questions given a few seconds to think about your answer and it automatically started filming, you only had 60/90 seconds to answer before the camera cut and moved on to the next question.

    I was successful through this round also, and was invited down to Watford to meet a couple of people. The National Business development Manager and an account manager. It was a short meeting, no more then 45 minutes.

    During the interview there was a handful of things discussed, but was more focused on the role and ensuring I knew what I was applying for. I walked out a little bewildered but thought that I would wait to receive the feedback.

    I did, and was equally as bewildered at the feedback I had received, I’m fairly sure had I of asked the managers that had interviewed me what they knew about my experience, my CV or what they knew about me the answer would be very brief indeed because at no point did they ask anything about me really. The main concern was that I may be impatient to the sometimes painfully slow internal processes across the group at head office level. I tried pushing back explaining that although that may be a frustration, in any sales cycle you have frustrations. The successful individual has to learn to overcome those, my usual sales cycle were complex and between 8 weeks to 6 months in length and across Europe so I understood it.

    Anyway they recommended that I applied for a Major Account Manager role, and that in an effort to not duplicate the process we could jump straight to meeting the Director.

    Awesome, I turned up in Coventry, met with the Recruiter and director once again a very informal approach which is fine but once more very little substance in terms of me, how I work, who am I, what do I enjoy/dislike, after 45 minutes I was thanked and left.

    Once more bewildering feedback, this time that I was “too financial services focused” I said to the Recruiter, I’m confused you were in the interview, I’ve never worked in financial services, the clients I had discussed were in automotive/chemicals and industry and there was no mention of banking/insurance or any other FS related industry on my CV. She explained that I interviewed very well and that there was a place for me in the business it was just finding the right role.

    Anyway, huge amounts of time wasted, both in terms of research I had prepared for the interview none of which was referred to. Or that I drove to both Watford/Coventry for a short meeting on both occasions for a role I had been encouraged to apply for but was still unsuccessful, to make it worse I was clearly receiving someone else’s “constructive” feedback.

    I’m in a process at final round stage with their competitor for the same role, the depth their competitor has gone in to compared to Jewsons means that should I even be rejected, at least I’m happy that it’s because I’m truthfully the wrong person or not skilled for the role... at jewsons I just felt the hiring decision was made on gut instinct opposed to technical ability or cultural fit.

    Best of luck to those interviewing with them, for any stakeholders reading this, do me a favour and get some interview training under your belts.

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    • Our internal processes are really slow, you are used to working in an environment where decisions can be and will be made relatively quickly, here it’s based on who you know not what you know or what position you have. How does that sit with you?   Répondre à cette question
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