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Hythe, Kent, South East England, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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Holiday Extras CEO Matthew Pack
Matthew Pack
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    « Pound signs! Not people! »

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    Employé actuel - Contact Center Agent - Hythe, Kent, South East England, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
    Employé actuel - Contact Center Agent - Hythe, Kent, South East England, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    Fun days, The contact centre staff, Bonus structure


    Time off the phones for fun days, Managers, Call quality measures, favouritism

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    Please Read this with a open mind,
     I am currently working here at Holiday extras and I want to tell you how I really feel about this company as I feel like I cannot talk to any managers here.
     At first you will be greeted with all these happy images on the website or around the building of people smiling, laughing and having coffee and chats and meetings while seeming really relaxed and really enjoying themselves, I have news for you this will not be you if you work in the contact centre you will have none of this as you will not be off or allowed off the phones to do any of this, This is managed by the excuse the contact centre is too busy and they cannot afford to have people off the phones, Forget that they have a small percentage working from home who could cover these periods.
     Picture the contact centre like one of these old ships you see on the films where there are 100 people rowing a huge ship and there is someone cracking that whip to make you go faster! well that sums it up pretty much!
     Lets Talk about management or lack of I should say, The management skills are sham, They are non approachable and even if you wanted to approach one of them there is not one to be found as they are always in meeting's, Heaven knows what they are meeting about as nothing appears to change!
    The call guide has so many flaws in it the it should be scraped and thrown away never to be seen again, Its inconsistent and full of hot air and waffle, Basically its scored by your manager that deems if it is worthy of rapport building or not, This coming from managers that do not build rapport with there own staff.
    Basically your seen as a pound sign and not a person! but the contact centre will not see it like that as the company boasts so many accolades and all these pictures of staff smiling and happy (there not the ones in the contact centre!)
    Favouritism is rife within the contact centre as I have spoken to members off staff and they have said " my manager just passed me on my on boarding as I know them well or they took pity on me" Well if you want to pass your probation befriend your manager and life will be as easy as anything, I mean I have seen some really good people let go or left as a result of this but the managers heads are buried somewhere else to notice this!
     On a good note I must say that Mr Pack is great as someone so important will take the time to come say hi and get to know you and that makes me feel like a valued employee and seems to know me more than my manager does so thank you Mr Pack,
    I have many friends here and thats what keeps me hear but as a result I don't think I could face anymore time with a company that will let good people go because they will not address this issue.
    On a whole my time may be up and that upsets me as I heard great things about this company its just a shame that it does not deliver on the values.

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Holiday Extras photo de : Table Football, table tennis and playing pool are big past times here - great way to break up the day and flex your brain every now and again...
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    Entretien de Software Engineer

    Employé anonyme - Hythe, Kent, South East England, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé une entrevue à Holiday Extras (Hythe, Kent, South East England, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)).


    The process was reasonably fast and the People Team kept in constant contact throughout the process and were easy to contact to answer any questions or queries.
    The first stage of the process, involves submitting a tech test. If succesful, you will be invited for a face to face interview with someone from The People Team and Web Team. Once again, if successful at this stage you will be invited back for a Pair Programming task where you will be accessed on more of a technical level.

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  • Holiday Essentials Company of The Year, TTG Travel Awards, 2017
  • Car Hire Supplier of The Year, TTG Travel Awards, 2017
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