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Farmers Branch, TX (États-Unis)
De 1 001 à 5 000 employés
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  • « The Coworkers make up for the job »

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    Employé actuel - Optician - Kansas City, MO (États-Unis)
    Employé actuel - Optician - Kansas City, MO (États-Unis)
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    An official sounding title and the opportunity to learn. My boss is probably my favorite manager I've ever had.


    People are extraordinarily rude (more than I've ever experienced in customer service), and you have to repeat the same information literally hundreds of times per day which is extremely mentally tiring.

    Incentives are rather inconsistent and sales goals encourage pushing products that aren't necessary to the consumer despite the "give them what they need" philosophy they preach.

    Very, very, VERY understaffed. Two or three days a week, I either know I am not getting a break, or feel guilty for taking it. Saturdays are so overwhelmingly busy that I feel like I am going to have some sort of mental breakdown, and I am not the kind of person to ever feel that way. We will have a lobby full of roughly 20 people needing glasses, and only 3-4 of us to help them all. You go in knowing that you are going to be miserable for 8 hours straight without getting to eat.

    Lastly, you go in to work too early to get much done before hand, and then got off too late to get anything done before closing time anywhere else. You get one day off, then Sunday off, so you have one day to do absolutely everything you have to get done, which results in days of not being relaxing or refreshing. You'll get drained rather quickly.

    Conseils à la direction

    Hire more people, and make sure your employees are getting to take breaks without leaving the rest of the team hanging.

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Eyemart Express photo de : A few District Managers during our annual March Madness competition
Eyemart Express photo de : Dr. Techs with a Radio Personality at a Store Event
Eyemart Express photo de : Dr, Dr. Techs, Lab Techs, and Opticians
Eyemart Express photo de : Opening Day
Eyemart Express photo de : Store Front
Eyemart Express photo de : Store Layout
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    Quick and easy. Got the call right away. Going to the interview tomorrow so I dont know if I got it or not yet.. so... ill get back to you about the process and questions.

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    • Quick and easy. Got the call right away. Going to the interview tomorrow so I dont know if I got it or not yet.. so... ill get back to you about the process and questions.   Répondre à cette question
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