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Guildford, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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Explore Learning CEO Bill Mills
Bill Mills
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    Ancien employé - Market Researcher - Mississauga, ON
    Ancien employé - Market Researcher - Mississauga, ON

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    I was welcomed into the centre by one of the Assistant Directors and the Centre Director, they were both really friendly and put me completely at ease so I didn't feel nervous at all. They showed me around the centre and told me a lot about the what the role would entail and they welcomed and answered any questions that I had.
    This was followed by a couple of standard interview questions - nothing too difficult - and after every answer the centre director was really encouraging and confirming how my experiences would fit into the role. This was followed by the gym membership role play, the part I was most nervous about. The AD was the 'customer' and she would put up barriers as to why she wasn't interested in gym membership and they were particularly looking for your ability to build a relationship with the customer, ask lots of questions and be really persuasive. I think my downfall was that I went too quickly in with the prices of the membership, they really want you to engage with the customer and chat to them a lot before you start your spiel about the membership. I was then given feedback by the CD and I had to do it again - they are looking to see how you take on board the feedback.
    At the end I then got a chance to chat with some of the children and give them help with their work, which I really enjoyed. From my feedback it seems they really want you to show enthusiasm for working in a business environment, as the role is less about working with children and more about customer service and making lots of sales. My one tip to anyone applying for this job is to focus more on your interest in the business and your selling ability. Also make sure you ask lots of questions as this really shows your interest in the company.
    I didn't get offered to attend the assessment centre however the interview has made me realise a career in business and sales really isn't for me so I still found it a positive and worth while experience!

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