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Montréal, QC
Entre 201 et 500 employés
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Services informatiques
Entre 50 et 100 millions $ (CAD) par an

Equisoft – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

Business-driven innovation

Equisoft has the industry-specific expertise and leading-edge solutions 
to be your preferred technology partner.

A global provider of leading-edge insurance and wealth solutions

Equisoft is a privately held company specialized in the design and delivery of advanced digital business solutions that optimize processes, increase revenue and enable growth for the life insurance and wealth management industries. All Equisoft software systems are developed for optimal scalability and configurability to empower clients. Solutions are webbased, mobile-compatible and fully customizable to meet specific business needs.

The company offers innovative front-end applications, such as InsuranceElements and WealthElements, used by thousands of advisors around the world. In addition, Equisoft is an Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity (OIPA) integration partner for more than 15 insurers globally. To complete this unique offering, Equisoft brings extensive experience in insurance data migration through its subsidiary Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT).

Equisoft also has a media and publishing subsidiary, Inovva, specialized in advanced solutions for subscription fulfillment, audience engagement, advertising sales, rights and royalties management, as well as content management for print, web and mobile platforms.

Founded in 1994, Equisoft has a growing team of nearly 300 specialized resources based in the United States, Canada, Chile, South Africa and India.

A result-oriented approach

Functional, advanced, customized, relevant solutions. In other words, innovation with a purpose. That is the Equisoft commitment to creating value. Over the years, Equisoft has evolved from providing cutting-edge, feature-rich sales tools to developing more strategic digital transformation solutions that leverage our indepth knowledge of the life insurance and wealth management sectors.

Our products are as functional and advanced as they can be, allowing us to customize solutions easily, quickly and affordably. But they are also more relevant than ever to our clients. Today, our offering is designed to meet the most complex business challenges (digital transformation, increasing regulations, time-to-market, online user experience, etc.).

We are a dynamic company that adapts its solutions to changing business needs. We believe our agility, flexibility and deep industry expertise allow us to provide solutions of value and significance to future-oriented companies. And we pride ourselves on being the very best at meeting the business objectives of our clients in the most cost-effective fashion.

Here are a few other things you should know about us:

We focus on a few products to provide the best core competencies in the industries we serve.

We often take the lead of a project, at the client’s request, by devoting specialized resources over a certain timeframe, in order to maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

We tackle a project from a business point of view and favor early testing and quick wins.

We document best practices and use implementation blueprints to avoid reinventing the wheel, which saves time and reduces project costs.

We have a long track record of successful implementations based on strong industry experience and excellent retention (95%) of highly skilled employees.

Want to be part of tomorrow’s digital insurance and wealth industries?

Our clients come to us for our deep industry expertise and our long-standing experience in carrying out digital transformations that change the way they do business.

We come to you with one of the most inspiring challenges you will find in the software development industry.

What do you bring? How can you help us add value? We’d like to know.

Equisoft at a glance

Equisoft specializes in the design and delivery of advanced digital business solutions that optimize processes, increase revenue and enable growth for the life insurance and wealth management industries.

We strive to be the best in the industries we serve. To do that, we need to work with the best at their craft, whether it is system architecture, integration, developer or UX design.

An attractive offer

• Competitive compensation
• Comprehensive benefits package
• Flexible work schedule
• Collaborative workspaces
• Career development
• International opportunities
• Various social and team activities

It’s dynamic
Equisoft is an inspiring place to work. There are many projects going on at once and you can have a real impact on their success. The firm has more than doubled in size in the last eight years and is still growing rapidly. If you are driven, your possibilities are endless!.

It’s balanced
We believe in an office environment that strikes the right balance between work and life, between personal and professional growth. This probably explains our excellent employee retention rate (95%) in an industry where demand and turnover are high.

It’s open
Everyone is easy to talk to. Senior management is accessible and there is no feeling of hierarchy. Trust, transparency and respect are the cornerstones of working relationships at every level.

It’s friendly
There is a strong sense of belonging, a family atmosphere and an active social scene. While employees enjoy a high level of freedom and autonomy, there is a good team spirit and team decisions are based on consensus.

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Luis Romero
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  • « Project Manager »

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    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Montréal, QC
    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Montréal, QC
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    Great team! Colleagues are fun to work with


    Some projects are interesting, some other are not.

    Conseils à la direction

    Go talk to your team and motivate them! Get out of the office!

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    Entretien de .NET Developer (Junior/Intermediate)

    Employé anonyme - Montréal, QC
    Offres d'embauche acceptées
    Expérience positive
    Difficulté moyenne


    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. J'ai passé une entrevue à Equisoft (Montréal, QC) en juillet 2017.


    It's a two-step process.
    The first is the interview proper, where you'll get asked questions by two team leads. They will test both your technical and "soft" skills.
    The second is meeting with an exec. I met with the senior director of technology and innovation. At this point, you're pretty much guaranteed to have the job, but it's here that you'll negotiate your salary.

    Questions d'entretien d'embauche

    • Most technical questions will be about asynchronicity, particularly in .NET. Dependency injection is also very important.
      Others will be more of a background check, e.g. what work methodologies you used, which design patterns, which technologies, etc.
      I would not worry too much about the technologies they use for organization (e.g. JIRA, git) as all of this is taken care of during the on-boarding process.   Répondre à cette question
    • If you think you will not be done with some work, even if you said you would be done the same day, and absolutely need to finish the work from home, what do you do?   1 réponse
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