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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Toronto, ON
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien à Emirates (Toronto, ON) en mars 2014.


    I applied in Toronto, Canada. Before I applied I could not find any information specific to the process in Toronto or Canada, so hopefully this helps future applicants.

    The company posted on their website, Facebook ad, and various places that they were having an Open Day to hire for Cabin Crew. I applied on the company website two weeks in advance of the Open Day date. I received an e-mail about five days before the event inviting me to attend the event (which I planned on doing anyway). The e-mail specified:

    Business Attire:
    Ladies - Knee length skirt / dress with skin colored stockings.
    Men - Suit & Tie

    Should you wish to attend the above event, please bring an updated CV along with a photograph.

    The Open Day was being held in a hotel, starting at 9 AM. I went upstairs at around 8:30 AM. The entire floor outside the conference room was already filled with applicants (around 300+) all basically mingling and talking together. At 9 AM the doors opened and we were invited into the conference room. Two hiring personnel (not in uniform) sat at the front of the room. The first lady introduced herself and the company and then played two videos. First was on Dubai and the second was on Emirates (Cabin Crew). After each video we were asked questions about what we knew on each topic (Just a discussion. May or may not have affected their first impressions). After that the second lady spoke about what the actual job would entail, the hiring/training process, and answered questions. Finally we were invited to come to the front one-by-one to hand in our resume and ONE photo. Once at the front the lady we were handing the resume to would ask one, or more questions (they said it's not meant as a mini interview).

    Important things to determine if they WILL take your resume:
    1) Must be at least 21 yrs old (within TWO (2) months)
    2) NO visible tattoos (nothing showing where the uniform doesn't cover so arms and legs etc. must be clear)
    3) Must be willing to serve alcohol at all times even during religious (or your religious) periods.

    Once at the front they asked everyone the question about tattoos (if you have one you have to point out on a diagram where on your body it is. Luckily mine is not at all visible). For me, she also asked what subject my uni degree is in.

    At this stage first impression is EVERYTHING. It wasn't necessary to wear the business attire at all on this first day, or to have a photo, or even our CV. We were told that if selected we needed to wear the business attire the next day (hair up in a bun preferably), give our photo asap, and even hand in a copy of our CV that next day. If we got past the next day (group work, reach check 212 cm etc.) then we would be invited to the final interview the day after that. Really this Open Day is a meet and greet and for them to make a quick yes/no decision. We were also told that at no point if eliminated would we be told why. I think this stage is based on how attractive you are, and how young you are, as according to the Emirates standard of hiring only 'exceptional individuals' (tall, slim, young (21 - 25 yrs), beautiful/handsome).

    We were told that if selected that first day we would receive a phone call by 6 pm asking to return for Day 2. I didn't receive the call. I wasn't extremely disappointed, although I was willing to move to Dubai etc. for the job, but this Day 1 process is so general that there is nothing you can really do except to make yourself seem more physically attractive, in a good way.

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