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El Segundo, CA (États-Unis)
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    « Clueless leaders, career stagnation, racist culture »

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    You don’t really have to do work to collect a paycheck here. Just pretend to look busy, socialize with the “in” crowd, and you’ll scrape by.


    The “leadership team” here is like the real housewives of manhattan beach. A bunch of upper class airheads who’ve failed upward and have no business leading anyone.

    There are about 100 employees at the company and over 20 - TWENTY - directors. They keep hiring directors because VPs and the president so obviously have no idea what they’re doing. And the directors frequently omit relevant direct reports from meetings, making it challenging to get recognition for the work you do and advance your career.

    They pretend to care about diversity here, but the only department that consistently hires minorities is customer service. Every other team is predominantly white or asian. We didn’t even get Martin Luther King Jr day off.

    Not a single person I asked was excited about going to their holiday party. People here don’t want to hang out outside of work, and can barely tolerate each other at work. Lots of desk lunches, cliques, and consistent turnover.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé un entretien à DermStore.


    Applied online and a recruiter reached out to me. Spoke with the recruiter about my experience and the company. He forward my resume to the hiring manager. The conversation with the hiring manager went seemingly well as he closed the conversation with "The next step is an onsite interview". I also asked if there were any concerns about my qualifications and the answer was "No concerns.I didn't hear back for 3 days, so I followed up with the recruiter, who otherwise was very involved. The recruiter then responded by indicating the hiring manager didn't think I was the right fit with no other feedback.

    Very disappointing for multiple reasons. Please have the common courtesy to follow up with a candidate as much as you do when they are still in the race. Leaving a candidate wondering does not represent a good or responsible brand. Secondly, don't mislead candidates and tell them they are moving to the next round to simply ghost on them with no additional information.

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