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Dunstable, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
Entre 1 001 et 5 000 employés
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Costa Coffee CEO Dominic Paul
Dominic Paul
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  • «A busy environment to work in but good team Spotify!»

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    Ancien employé - Barista Maestro
    Ancien employé - Barista Maestro
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    Great team environment. Also a good place to work with customer focus. Management really cared about the store that I worked in.


    Understaffed at busy times. Sometimes felt like you couldn't give the best customer experience because there weren't enough staff on.

    Conseils à la direction

    Just to ensure that it is always well staffed.

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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Hailsham, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    J'ai postulé en personne. Le processus a pris +1 semaine. J'ai passé une entrevue à Costa Coffee (Hailsham, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)) en octobre 2017.


    Handed my CV in directly. Nearly a week later they replied via Email that I'd get an interview and mini-trial shift.

    So I wore my appropriate clothing, all of the important things to be prepared to ask and answer for the interview in mind, but it turned out to be a very informal interview. The manager simply asked me what my availability was. Aside from a couple of insignificant things, that was the extent of the interview. In a way it was a relief, but it was also disappointing as I didn't get to show off the answers I'd prepared for common interview questions.

    Anyway, I was quickly shown to the cafe floor and one of the workers basically helped me for the shift which lasted about 45 minutes. Even as someone with (sadly) absolutely no work experience, I can say the shift was fairly straightforward. I was shown the basic draining and dishwasher usage, cleaning tables and collecting finished trays, and the main difficulty, interacting with customers and getting to grips with the cash register. It seemed to make sense, but I couldn't exactly pick it up straight away. The workers were very nice about it and didn't expect me to get a hang of it right away. And of course, I didn't do any drink preparation.

    I did find it quite enjoyable I suppose. It was a good experience, but I don't think the manager took much of an opportunity to see if I was a good candidate. I'm sure she was watching my customer service but that was never going to impress her as I've never done it before. I'm sure that people with experience applied, so my chances of getting the job were slim. The manager replied via Email to tell me that I hadn't been successful in the same afternoon after the morning I had the trial. This was honestly a bit gutting as it was clear she didn't even have to think about it for long at all. It came down to my lack of experience, I'm sure. I'm a little bitter about it, but I have to say it was a "positive experience".

    TL;DR: Very informal, quick and easy interview, it was all about the trial shift.

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