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    Entretien de Account Manager

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Toronto, ON
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Collabera (Toronto, ON) en février 2019.


    I was first interviewed over the phone and asked routine questions such as what my previous experience was, why I was interested, etc. and was told my experience was very strong for the position. This initial recruiter was honestly great - very friendly, encouraging, and responsive.

    I was brought in for a live interview in the Toronto office. I was only asked ONE question which was the typical "Tell me about yourself". I was not asked about why I was interested in the position, why I felt I was a good fit, why sales, what I knew about the company... NOTHING. I had prepared extensively for this interview and was given one chance to say anything about myself.

    The rest of the interview, the interviewer talked about himself and where the company was headed, which was helpful to an extent but I could not get a word in edgewise. I simply tried nodding along and affirming I was listening, trying to provide comments here and there where I could which was difficult as he did not leave room for that at all. Largely, he talked about his management style, why he was good at sales, how he got his start in the industry and improved over the years, so basically the interview seemed to revolve around him far more than me.

    The interview was also highly unprofessional. The company does not have an office space and I met the interviewer in a communal workspace. He did not have a conference room booked so we wandered around multiple floors until we came across an empty room. He also used profanity at multiple points throughout the interview, which I found quite off-putting. He also alluded to not really caring very much about your performance, as long as you "were a pleasure to be around" he would keep you. It became clear he just wanted people he liked, and professionalism and experience weren't at the forefront.

    The interviewer went on to outline in detail the next steps, and said the recruiter would be following up with me to coordinate. He said next would be an informal meeting at happy hour or something similar, and then I'd be doing a final call with his Director. Between the relaxed interview with only ONE question asked of me, the swearing, and the alluding to moving on in the process I felt as though I would be moving forward. I was under the impression that's that what I had been told.

    I then get an email from the recruiter a few days later and I am no longer in consideration. I'm extremely frustrated as I was told my experience was great by the recruiter, the live interviewer told me I checked off the boxes they were looking for, and I was essentially told I'd be scheduled for next steps.

    Overall, a very misleading and unprofessional interview process. After the interview, I already had hesitations about the company given the individual leading the interview and team so perhaps they have done me a favour.

    My recommendation is to stay away from this company, at least in Toronto. If a company is new to a region, that's not inherently a red flag to me, but make sure the person leading the charge is reputable and someone you respect. I get the sense they're looking for people to fit into their "bro culture" and that's unfortunately not me, but if that's you, maybe it will work out.

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