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British Airways photo de : Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à British Airways en juin 2016.


    Arrive early! I was 30 minutes early and other people were there before me. They take you through about 15 minutes before the start time, so they can process your documents. Do not be late. One girl arrived 10 minutes late and she didn't make it through the first round.

    First round is height/reach/tattoo check. If you're wearing a jacket, they will have you remove it. Hardest part is the diagonal reach (you hold onto a handle and have to reach diagonally down to the floor). If you do not meet the height requirement, you will be sent home. One girl was less than half an inch off and she was sent home.

    Second phase consists of the role-play and group activity. I did my role-play first, then group discussion.

    Role-play: You're given a piece of paper almost filled with writing. The interviewer leaves and gives you 2 minutes to read it over. Read it out loud and absorb and much information as possible. After the 2 minutes has expired, you will be first asked to read it out loud to your interviewer (do so calmly and slowly). You will not be allowed to look at the paper again. I had to role-play a customer service agent, and my interviewer was a lady who had missed her connection because of a delay with a BA flight. As obvious as this sounds, connect with your "customer". "I can imagine how frustrated you are right now," or "I'm going to resolve this frustrating issue for you," or even "I'm here to help," are all great things to say. Fight your nerves and speak slowly and pleasantly.

    Next was my group activity. My group was four people, and our scenario was no supplies for a return flight due to a Toronto snow storm. We, however, had £10,000 to supplies. Ultimately my group was £500 over budget, but that's okay! You're being judged on your team skills, so always ask your group if they agree, or if they have suggestions. Don't blurt things out when it's not your turn.

    Third phase is interview (more below). 7 out of ~20 people made it to this final round.

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    No negotiation. You're sent your offer, and you have 24 hours to accept.

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  • Ranked number 1 employer for Logistics, transport and supply chain, The Guardian UK 300, 2018
  • Top 100 Graduate Employers, The Sunday Times (UK), 2018
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