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North York, ON
Entre 201 et 500 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Solutions logicielles et réseau d'entreprise
Entre 50 et 100 millions $ (CAD) par an
We develop software that keeps the world’s businesses running. At BlueCat, we believe the explosive growth of connected devices and rapidly changing business requirements mean organizations have to adopt a new approach to network and device ... En savoir plus

Mission: Unleash the power of Enterprise DNS.

BlueCat – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

The Top 10 Things That Get Us Out of Bed Every Morning:

1. We have a great foundation but we still maintain that start up vibe
2. We build cutting edge software for some of the greatest organizations across all industries  
3. We embrace innovation. Our diverse talent drives our culture and keeps us pushing limits.
4. We have a proven track record of success. Our bonuses are very real and paid out quarterly
5. We don’t believe in Employee Appreciation Day. We do Employee Appreciation Week for all employees globally.
6. We know we won’t have success without each other
7. We like to find any excuse we can to celebrate. We got the work hard, play hard thing down pat
8. We provide our employees with great our employees compensation, perks and time off
9. We want our employees to try new things and grow. We aren’t afraid of failure.
10. We are inspired to challenge ourselves everyday


At BlueCat we embrace innovation. Our diverse talent drives our culture and keeps us pushing limits.

At BlueCat our values hold our culture together. They form the infrastructure that allows our business to consistently grow. We are looking for talented professionals across the globe who will be inspired to do their best work while living our BlueCat values.


We see diversity as something that gives us an edge – we celebrate it and we rely on the value we gain from different perspectives. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

Employee Testimonials: 

“I help turn dreams into code!”

 “This is a very diverse environment from different backgrounds, we are all so different and still we work so nicely together.  We have truly inspirational people here.  Truly great people here.  The type of people who should work here should be smart, they should not be afraid to experiment, they should not be afraid to fail, they should be willing to go the extra mile, they should be willing to do stuff that is not in their description of their role.”

“The people we work with challenge you to do better.  They want you to be better for your customers but also for your own development. It’s also a fun place to be.   Working with good people and also with good customers that challenge you really is the key."

 “I think the people are great to be honest.  You spend a lot of time at work, more time sometimes than with your family, and so having great people and a great team is huge to me personally.  I also am surrounded with really brilliant and smart people and that challenges me and furthers my growth in the company.”

 “What makes BlueCat a great place to work is that I can contribute on an individual level.  I have been given the opportunity over the years in different departments to really make a difference.  In my ten years here I have been in marketing, product management, engineering, and professional services so each one has provided a different challenge.  That’s pretty unique and it’s kept me very interested. The reason why I've stayed at BlueCat for over ten years is because of the different challenges and the different departments that I have worked at here at the company.”

“The opportunity I get on a daily basis to oversee and contribute to the development of solutions to today’s most tricky, most challenging, cutting edge technical problems. It’s extremely fulfilling."

Andrew Wertkin- CPTO

 “BlueCat is a great place to work because we are constantly pushing the boundaries on the side of innovation.  We have a focus on team, we have a focus on building great software, and we have a focus on building solutions with our customers and innovating with our customers to build great solutions.”

“The types of people that should consider coming to BlueCat are those who really want to push the boundaries.  I often say the kind of employee who will succeed and work well at BlueCat are those who would get bored if they weren’t learning, if they weren't constantly being challenged.  This is an environment where those who want to learn and want to be challenged will thrive.”

Michael Harris- CEO
“The type of people who excel here are those that disrupt the norm.  We don’t hire people who want to do the same things over and over again. We are a dynamic organization and so look for dynamic, curious and collaborative people who want to contribute to a growing company. So I very much appreciate employees coming into BlueCat and challenging the way we do things.


The BlueCat Engineering team has diversity and innovation at its core. We keep quality a top priority and work collaboratively across departments to make sure we deliver. Most importantly, we always have fun while doing it.


BlueCat Sales is a team of intelligent and proactive sales professionals who like to have fun and win together.  We are a highly engaged team that loves bringing creative solutions to the table to help grow and transform our business. We love to win and learn!

Customer Care:

We are a diverse and proactive team dedicated to outstanding customer experiences. We love problem solving and we take pride in being the face of the company for our customers. Think of us as the front line warriors at BlueCat!


This team moves fast. We maintain two dialogues: one around network automation and centralization, the other, network security. We work hard, make sh*t happen, operate transparently, and generously support each other to get stuff over the finish line.


We guarantee you have never met a more collaborative, high energy and high performing finance team than the one at BlueCat.  We are the unsung family of heroes who keep everything running efficiently!


The best word to describe the IT team is family. We support each other through the craziness to make sure BlueCat is always supported. Collaboration and transparency guide everything we do as team, including how we interact with each other.


The People Team is here to promote and enable everyone’s success at BlueCat. We are a cross-functional team that constantly supports each other to ensure our employees love coming to work every morning.

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    Ancien employé - Software Engineer - Toronto, PE
    Ancien employé - Software Engineer - Toronto, PE
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    This was the worst interview process I've ever been apart of. The recruiter Rona was the most unprofessional person to deal with ever. She could care less about my time and never bothered to get back to me. I had to reach out to her after each interview about next steps, and she only bothered to answer once I told her I had another offer. I think I dodged a real bullet not working here. The HR department really needs to be more sympathetic and create a better candidate experience (especially during a global pandemic where job seekers are totally stressed). Terrible.

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  • Company of the Year (Medium) - Silver, Best in Biz Awards, 2014
  • Company of the Year (Medium) - Gold, Best in Biz Awards International, 2014
  • Canada's Best Employers for Recent Graduates, The Career Directory, 2016
  • Best Workplaces in Canada for Women, Great Place to Work, 2017
  • Great Places to Work, Best Workplaces, 2017
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