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Stoke-on-Trent, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
Entre 1 001 et 5 000 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Entre 2 et 5 milliards de dollars US par an

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Bet365 Co-CEOs Denise and John Coates
Denise and John Coates
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    « The biggest employer in Stoke…worth selling your soul for? »

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    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Stoke-on-Trent, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Stoke-on-Trent, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    J'ai travaillé chez Bet365 en Contrat Permanent (Pendant plus de 5 ans)


    One of the highest salaries for the area and an annual bonus
    Lots of additional benefits (Gym membership, company car scheme and mobile phones for managers etc.)
    On-site canteen and tea ladies that bring you drinks (they don’t want you leaving your desk)
    If you are in the right team you can learn lots of new skills on the side and work with the latest technologies
    Great if you have a limited career ambition and just want a well-paying, guaranteed stable job


    I worked for bet365 over 5 years across multiple teams, so it’s fair to say I’ve got the T-shirt. Most of what follows is primarily for the Stoke office. I have heard much nicer things about the Manchester office.

    Firstly, as many others have already said, the parking situation is terrible. To have any chance of getting parked you need to be there before 8.30am (and this cut-off time is only getting worse), otherwise you need to pay to park on a council car park, or park in one of the nearby retail parks and hope you don’t get a ticket (or give up your lunch break moving your car). Either of these then means about a 20 minute walk to the office. Then between 5 and 6pm everywhere is grid-locked so you won’t get out, and so straight away you’re on at least a 9 hour day (god forbid you put down your headset and leave at 4.55). Management simply don’t care or acknowledge the parking problems, because they have their own priority parking spaces (yet still choose to park in “our” spaces whenever they wish to).

    As others have also suggested on here, it looks like management have taken to writing fake positive reviews, so I would encourage others to take these with a pinch of salt and instead read all the other lower rated reviews, as I can’t say I disagree with any of them. They are constantly trying to put on a big facade at corporate promotion events and pull the curtain over how it really is.

    Now I know office politics are part of any company, but at bet365 it this is especially horrendous and particularly with the middle-management. Everybody is constantly trying to cover their backsides, denying everything unless it is in writing and looking for any excuse to shove the blame downhill so they can then brown-nose their superiors in an attempt to look good. After 5 years I can safely say, the real problem was just bad management, not the employees (and you wonder why there is such a high staff turnover on lower tier roles…)

    The company has already gone through its major growth stage in Stoke, so the majority of people are only in the positions they are because of being in the right place at the right time. Unless you are part of one of the newer more niche teams, there is little chance of being promoted unless someone above you leaves, and this rarely happens as these are high salary roles for Stoke.

    Then you have little cliques of managers and their mates who group up together to form a holy inner ring, impossible to penetrate without lots of “extra favours” and “oh can you just do me this and stay late to take one for the team”. If like me you have a family, it’s just not feasible to put in the extra unpaid effort required to be considered a good employee. While as usual, upper management are either blissfully unaware or just don’t care as they sit in their ivory towers.

    So it really is a case of just sit down, shut up and do as you’re told. Any suggestions to improve the day-to-day process just get shut down (i.e “that’s not your role”) or stolen by your superiors and passed off as their own. There are 1-2-1 reviews every few months but these are pointless as they are rushed and then they will just fob you off with false promises and “business as usual” speeches.

    For those of you that care about company ethics and responsible gambling, in the words of my team leader “we must always just do the minimum to remain regulatory safe”. Lots of the business is also based in Gibraltar and Malta for tax reasons, so take all of that as you will…

    I haven’t given one star because there are some really good benefits to working here, but over time the money becomes less and less attractive as you have to deal with all of the above every single day (this includes making up time spent on toilet breaks and filling in timesheets saying what you did every minute of each day). There are pass scans on every door (security is very OTT) so they know your exact start/finish times.

    I could write a lot more but I am sure you get the picture – I haven’t even talked about how badly managed the projects are! Working for another company just 8 months has made me in hindsight realise just how truly toxic the bet365 working environment was. To anyone who wants to work for bet365, good luck to you, don’t let them bully you into the ground. When they start treating you like just a number grit your teeth and if you want to keep your bonus don’t lash out.

    Conseils à la direction

    To be honest there isn’t much point saying anything, as the problem is the company culture itself and this won’t change. My thoughts are the same as what has already been written on here hundreds of times. For upper management, learn to better recognise when you have good employees, and if you want to know what’s really happening at ground level actually speak to them directly instead of hiding behind meetings, emails and management layers.

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    Entretien de Software Engineer

    Employé anonyme - Stoke-on-Trent, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 5 jours. J'ai passé une entrevue à Bet365 (Stoke-on-Trent, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)) en novembre 2014.


    Coding challenge before I came to the interview with questions about design choices. Chat about previous projects I had worked in. A pop quiz on concurrency, mostly in java.

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