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Berlin (Allemagne)
Entre 201 et 500 employés
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Moins d'1 million $ (CAD) par an
Wooga, Goodgame Studios, InnoGames

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  • « Not what it once was »

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    Ancien employé - Anonymous - Santa Clara, CA (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Anonymous - Santa Clara, CA (États-Unis)
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    * Used to be lots of opportunities for advancement
    * Competent executive management team; can't say that about a lot of places
    * Was a great place to start building your career in the industry
    * One of the most efficient companies I ever worked at


    * Low pay for junior to mid level employees. Wasn't so great for them but if you proved yourself over time, you were well rewarded.
    * Long hours.
    * Most of the games you work on aren't well known. Big part of this was we invested very little in marketing and relied on our own internal marketing.
    * Just look at the forums. They used to be some of the most active game communities around. Basically tells the history of the company. After it was sold to Berlin based Pro Sieben, everything changed and the company fell apart

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    Entretien de Junior Project Manager

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 3 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Aeria Games.


    After applying online, I was contacted by a HR manager in order to schedule a Skype interview with the direct manager I would depend on if offered the position.

    The interview was really pleasant. First of all, my interviewer told me all about the company, which was really useful since Aeria Games Europe has gone over quite a huge change of direction in the past year. After that, he went over the job description and he asked me some of the typical questions (what do you currently do, etc)

    Afterwards, we moved into the real point. His questions were focused on trying to catch me with my guard off, and to test my capacities to be in a management position, ie: "Imagine you are offered the job and you must get access to the project, and you don't have the password, what would you do?" or "You start working on this and you find out thousands of tasks to be done, how would you priorize them?"

    Some of those questions were though, since my interviewer wasn't just satisfied with the first answer. He demanded different approaches and complicated the situation progressively. I really enjoyed those questions, even though I get stucked in some of them. I had to be creative, and I assume my answers revealed my character very much.

    After those questions, he asked me if I had any doubt or question for him. I did have some, and he was willing to answer me sincerely, which I highly appreciated. After that, the interview finished. It took about 45-50 mins.

    A couple of days later the HR manager got in touch with me again in order to let me know the result. The whole process took about 3 weeks.

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    • Imagine you are offered the job and you must get access to the project, and you don't have the password. You need to obtain the password from the previous manager, who is no longer working on this project. What would you do?   1 réponse
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