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    Ancien employé - Lead - Dublin, OH (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Lead - Dublin, OH (États-Unis)
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    J'ai travaillé chez Wipro à temps plein (Plus de 10 ans)


    Good company for entry level jobs at offshore.
    Many trainings provided by talent transformation team to enhance skills of employees.
    Plenty of client projects at different geographic locations.
    Relocation expenses paid fully.
    You will get free pizza if you attend one of Wipro's town hall meetings at onshore client places.


    Typical Indian MNC with an Indian mindset.
    Follows cheap tactics to deny one of their progression. I was not given hike and progression in an appraisal cycle and I was a given a reason that I've submitted my review two days past deadline (management kept shifting deadline back and forth so I didn't know I was actually late in submission).
    Less competitive salary for a skilled employer with several years experience in app development and maintenance.
    Management and HR is not easy to approach. Their policies abuse their employees systematically and silently. Many past employees will have the same to say.
    In USA, some of the guys may have faced this situation. When you file for an extension with new LCA (with a higher salary than your current visa's), HR follows certain tactics to slow down your payroll based on your new salary. In other words, you continue to get your salary based on the previous LCA (less salary) for certain months before the new LCA (more salary) comes into effect (typically 2-6 months depending on RFE and all).
    Appraisal is a total joke. I've seen many useless guys and girls getting a good hike and ratings, while deserving candidates are left alone.

    Conseils à la direction

    Dear CEO and all mid to low level managers, get a good team in place if you really want to grow Wipro like successful start ups. Also, Starts ups think big and pay big which is not the case with Wipro.

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85 651 $ par an
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81 801 $ par an
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96 571 $ par an
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