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    « Location that's a blind eye for corporate. »

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    Ancien employé - Deposits - McAllen, TX (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Deposits - McAllen, TX (États-Unis)
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    Great pay compared to blue collar work with little to no experience. One of the few places in the RGV where you DON'T NEED SPANISH to work with inbound customer service calls.


    One of the most inconsistent sources on info and knowledge amongst the individuals who were coaches, TL's, or

    Trainers. Out of all the call centers, this is the only one where questions about policies and procedures were so

    wildly different from tenured individual to the next. Trainees would suffer because of it. There's been cases where entire training classes would fail and not make it to the production floor.

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    I have a very important grievance that I haven't found any place to voice any kind of concerns in order to have my
    opinion heard to an entity that actually may find it useful or insightful, so hopefully glassdoor can give me that
    forum. I have a lot of experience in customer service as well as a lot of tenure in call centers as a whole. Call
    centers are the thing I'm best at outside of Manufacturing and I feel confidant in saying that I have former
    supervisors that would agree with that. Ttec is the first call center where I mentioned that crazy variation of
    information from one person to the next from people who should be able to give you a general idea on what to do or how
    to handle a call and so on. Training was an absolute drag as far as the trainer engaging the class as well as imbuing
    us with the information that's akin to these classroom settings. The majority of what was learned was through working
    with the training modules, at the least about 85% overall of the collective time in the training room before entering
    OJT. It's a shame too because in all honesty the times the trainer would engage the class is where I felt the most
    retention in regards to the material learned would take place. This is an opinion I had shared at the end of our
    training during a "CONFIDENTIAL SURVEY" among the class towards the end of OJT. During my time in OJT my hardest
    metric to get to goal was my handle time/CTI. By the end of training I managed to get it to an average of 310. Despite
    this apparently my survey percentage didn't meet goal, whereas i was left with an approximate 61-64 percent, something
    along those lines. It was agreed that my CTI had improved to a desired level however my surveys would prevent me from
    entering production, a metric that WAS NOT MENTIONED TO ME AT ALL PRIOR TO TERMINATION. This did include the one extra week for OJT. As far as I'm aware, despite actually having virtually the most experience out of everyone in the classroom, I was the ONLY ONE to be terminated out of the training class that I was apart of. I ended up filing
    unemployment and eventually received it given the fact that I wasn't made aware of the supposed issue with my surveys
    and henceforth was unable to take any proactive measures against me losing my job at Ttec. As per usual people tend to
    keep in touch and it wasn't long that I was made aware of rumors about my dismissal and this was kind of a surprise
    only because I thought it was a cut and dry reason. However after a time it made sense that rumors on my dismissal
    were a result of the fact of me being let go, my survey's not meeting goal, was a very minimal reason to have me
    termed. Others have had far less favorable CTI and Survey Averages and yet they've gone on to hit production and even
    become part of the chain of command. Moving ahead my wife began working at Ttec at the beginning of 2019, a year ago
    from the time of the writing of this review. After a time, seeing as how she has been there long enough to familiarize
    herself with the potential leniency agents can received depending on how earnest they are about their work in contrast
    to their metrics, it wasn't hard for her to corroborate my suspicions for my termination. As well as that I've had
    many relatives work at Ttec since i've been there and have said the same thing, that it was a surprise that I've let
    go in spite of my survey percentage. BUT HERE is what is really given me the drive to be descriptive and passionate
    about writing this review. My wife had asked numerous amounts of people in the chain of command if I'd be able to
    return, given the reason I was termed was only because of my surveys, or at least that's what the official reason is.
    Everyone gave a resounding yes along with a "there shouldn't be any reason he wouldn't be able to be rehired". I had
    applied several times and finally got an interview at the end of January 2020. As expected the interview went very
    well and the young lady told me she was going to recommend me for rehire. All this is coupled with the fact that it
    was known that my wife was working for Ttec at the time and that it wasn't an issue, that it may even be a great
    benefit as far as sharing ideas on the regular about handling calls. Everything seemed like a recipe for success, but
    in lieu of that I received an email saying "...I am sorry to inform you, but after careful review of your employment
    record, we are unable to continue to pursue your application to re-join TTEC." It's incredibly frustrating and after all this time this has been the nail in the coffin for me to say anything positive for Ttec. Either it's because I claimed unemployment, OR because the trainer that I gave constructive criticism about in a "CONFIDENTIAL" setting has a power trip and has leverage to weigh-in and prevent an individual to come back that dares to have a work-related opinion about him. BOTH of which are extremely unacceptable and are totally deplorable. If I received unemployment then it's because there was a fault amongst the people whom Ttec chooses to have a hierarchy and that's on them, NOT me. And if it IS because of a trainer, whom has no problem taking the time to tell his training class the "his reputation proceeds him" and can also just as easily tell his class about his sexual escapades for a laugh, who can't take criticism, then that too is beyond unacceptable. This whole spiel of mine may seem dramatic and in all honesty it kinda is, but mind you this has been a span of two years in the making coming full circle without any way to get my concerns and issues to individuals that actually have some bearing and control in the space of Ttec. Hopefully no one else has to go through the same issues I've been through and people who shouldn't be in positions of power are removed, because those same individuals have affected my livelihood multiple times without any reprimands of their own. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris une semaine. J'ai passé un entretien à TTEC (McAllen, TX (États-Unis)) en juin 2019.


    First there was an online assessment. Then interview got scheduled. On the interview day, first I heard a typical customer-agent telephonic conversation. Then I was given a situation and what would I do/say in response. Then 1 round of interview with the recruiter. It was easy.

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