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    Ancien employé - Customer Service Representative - Houston, TX (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Customer Service Representative - Houston, TX (États-Unis)
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    J'ai travaillé chez TTEC à temps partiel (Moins d'un an)


    Solid support structure.They basically bend over backwards to try and keep everyone content,within reason.


    No down side I can think of.Work at home requires discipline,patience,perseverance,and a determination to succeed.

    Conseils à la direction

    Thank you for such a great place to work and build a career.

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    Entretien de Customer Service Representative - Work At Home

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Houston, TX (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 3 jours. J'ai passé un entretien à TTEC (Houston, TX (États-Unis)) en octobre 2019.


    This is for the Work at Home position for TTEC. The interview process required first an assessment. They would then send you an e-mail for you to take a benchmark of sorts for you computer, making sure you computer met their requirements.

    Then you get scheduled for a webcam interview on Zoom. What they fail to mention clearly is that you will be interviewing a group of other applicants. They had 18 participants in the room. So, this already set things off to a bad start. That should tell you a lot about a company that doesn't take time for one on one individuals to interview.

    The person conducting the interview continuously stressed that phrase "We are not a revolving door". Then she proceeded to explain how the company is very strict, and will fire you for being absent just one day. No second chances, and it doesn't matter if you're sick. She explained because you are working from home, there is no chance of passing infections so there should be zero absences. As if the worry of passing germs is the only reason to miss work. It was extremely cold. Also, she explained how she just had to fire 3 people on the spot because they had a fire alarm beeping in the background. It was also stated that if you miss training just one day, for any reason, you will be terminated without question.

    Again, she continued to stress "We are not a revolving door". She continued, "It took me 4 years to work for this company.." Are we supposed to believe that in anyway applies to us, who are just applying for seasonal, part time positions?

    I left the interview. This company is just seeking to churn out and take advantage of employees who are lured in by the work at home idea. This interview showed me they had zero compassion or care for it's employees. You're literally just a number and if you don't perform like a robot, you get the boot.

    I encourage you to not waste your time with this job. You deserve better than working for a company that will treat you like a slave.

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    • As far as I got, it wasn't a question, but was reading comprehension. Something about nuclear bomb waste and what to do about it. No joke. They seriously thought this was a good idea.   1 réponse
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