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    Employé actuel - Software Developer - Stockholm, Stockholm (Suède)
    Employé actuel - Software Developer - Stockholm, Stockholm (Suède)
    Point de vue positif

    Je travaille chez Shopify à plein temps (Plus d'un an)


    - Lots of opportunities to grow
    - Welcoming culture
    - Down-to-earth upper management


    Nothing I can think of right now

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    Entretien de Senior Software Engineer

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Stockholm, Stockholm (Suède)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Shopify (Stockholm, Stockholm (Suède)) en juillet 2019.


    I applied at Shopify for Senior Software Engineer role. After being shortlisted I got an initial call from HR in July 2019. The complete process is divided into 5 rounds.
    1. Life Story Round - This is more like a behavior round where they ask you to tell the story of yourself mentioning how and why you came to engineering. They try to test your communication skills and dig into your motivation for being an engineer. The round takes like 1 hr.
    2. Technical Screening - I had a back to back life story followed technical screening round. This round will demand you to code a straight forward code where the interviewer will observe how you code. This is to make sure that you know how to code before they start the real interview.
    3. Technical Discussion - This is a one-hour discussion with an engineer where you discuss your current project and elaborate at least one of a problem which you solved end to end. The problem doesn't need to be very complex but you are supposed to go in detail when explaining the solution.
    4. Pair Programming Interview 1 - It's a standard pair programming test where a problem will be given and you are supposed to code it end to end. The problem will not be very difficult and will not be requiring any kind of complex usage of Data structures.
    5. Pair Programming Interview 2- Same as above.

    The overall interview process was very fast and clean. I didn't get the offer in the last but I had a good interview experience. The overall expectation is quite high and you are supposed to think about TDD and perform clean code following SOLID principles in both of the pair programming rounds.

    Tips to prepare for the interview
    1. No need to stress yourself for complex data structures and algorithms
    2. You are allowed to use the internet and check any documentation as no one can remember the syntax completely.
    3. Make sure you focus a lot of TDD. I think every interviewer expects that you share some set of extensive test cases/path before writing the code.
    4. Don't forget to tell them in detail why are you making each class and method. I tried to explain while coding but in the feedback, I was not vocal enough.

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