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    Ancien employé - Data Entry Agent - Portland, OR (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Data Entry Agent - Portland, OR (États-Unis)
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    work at home , decent pay.


    had to sell add on product. didn't take out taxes, sometimes hard to get schedule for work.

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    better help one on one.

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    Entretien de Data Entry and Call Center Representative

    Employé anonyme - Portland, OR (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé via une autre source. J'ai passé un entretien à Liveops (Portland, OR (États-Unis)) en août 2018.


    Interview August 9th 2018

    A work-from-home ad was posted on Facebook's Washtenaw County now hiring page. I commented info I then got a Facebook message from a female Terri Arnold who works for liveops Inc in California told me I had to download the Google Hangout and my interview and briefing of the job would commence immediately I was to give the interviewer a interview code. It was all done through Google hangouts. It took a long time 4 &1/2 hrs, it was thorough. They had an information structure at first, then discussed experience and strength questions. I was told he thought I was a perfect fit he would get back with me in the morning to let me know what the HR board's decision was because he had to turn my interview question & answers to them. The next day August 10th 2018 I was told I was hired he emailed me an employee contract form for me to read and sign along with a W-4 I had to fill it out and email it back which I did. We then went over what types of programs and software data would be needed they told me they would provide me with a Mac Pro computer they were going to give me the funds to have this computer programmed with the hippa and other things needed so I would have the data they use at liveops and I'll be able to contact my supervisor through them they also told me they were going to issue me funds to purchase my home mini office. After we talk some more he ended up saying that he was informed from the vendor that other things needed to be program due to the new HIPAA laws and I was going to have to activate some cards cost about $200 so the programming and everything can be completed along with getting the mini home office ready for the weekend delivery. I told him I didn't have the money and that I was skeptical to this I asked to do a video chat or phone number that I can speak to him directly at liveops and as of this morning August 14th 2018 I was informed that this is the way liveops have been doing interviews for a few years now. The person I'm speaking to his name is Steven Scott HR out of Portland Oregon and he gave me his email address. I have already emailed back the employment contract and W-4 form so I hope this is the real deal because my social security number is on the W4 form. The interview was so real they asked every question that most questions are asked in interviews and more. It was $30 an hour$25 an hour while training. Paid weekly

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    • What are my strengths and weaknesses. Ask me who I banked through so they could verify if they are affiliated with them. He gave me names of banks that they are affiliated with. I told him I did not have a bank I would have to open one.   Répondre à cette question
    • Jobs that I used to work at and what were their job duties and did I excel in any of these jobs   1 réponse
    • everything I've told you about this company tell me in your words what you've learned about this company.   Répondre à cette question
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