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    « Still Grinding »

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    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - San Francisco, CA (États-Unis)
    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - San Francisco, CA (États-Unis)
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    Je travaille chez DoubleDutch à plein temps (Plus de 3 ans)


    • The fundamentals of the business have never been more sound. Break-even is a reality for DoubleDutch, most startups don't reach that milestone.

    • The teams are tight-knit and battle-tested.


    • Coming off tough round layoffs of layoffs can kill a company. The layoffs in the past couple years were definitely felt but DD is still here and still pushing forward with a strong demeanor.

    Conseils à la direction

    • Huge props to management for guiding the ship towards break-even. Even more praise should be given to the individuals on the front lines working with prospects and clients every day as well as those behind the scenes building truly innovative technology for a space that is constantly adapting.

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DoubleDutch photo de : Customer Success Ladies' Night
DoubleDutch photo de : The result of a successful Association Team Improv Classs
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DoubleDutch photo de : Everyday is casual Friday at DD
DoubleDutch photo de : Workin' hard in our ops office
DoubleDutch photo de : Our award winning DoubleDutch Soccer Team!

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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - San Francisco, CA (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris +4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à DoubleDutch (San Francisco, CA (États-Unis)).


    The initial phone call with the recruiting coordinator was great and actually made me more interested in applying with the company.

    The next steps were two phone interviews, both interviews went great and their excitement for doubledutch made me want to learn more.

    After this, I was invited to come to the doubledutch office for an in person interview. Both people I interviewed with seemed disinterested in the interview and had super low energy. The office space itself and meeting with them, definitely decreased my interest in the position -- but because of my previous experiences with them, I didn't want to dismiss them right away. I was told after I finished interviewing that I would heard back on Monday.

    It's been several months since that happened, and I never heard back. I even sent a nice follow up email since I was interviewing with a few other places and still didn't get a reply. I find it very disrespectful that a company that takes you through the entire interview process - cannot even bother to contact you to let you know they have chosen another candidate, etc. In the end it felt like they just wasted my time.

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