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On a demandé à un Staff Writer...7 février 2010

What does wood and alcohol have in common?

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both can knock you on your ass


When I drink alcohol, I get wood.

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Copywriter interview with that spelling hmmm sounds fishy

This can't be for the real Backland Media. There's no way you'd be interviewed by a "nice lady" at the real Backland Media. Moins

Run! It's not a good place to work at. Read the reviews.

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why we should hire you as a fresher

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well, I know that I am a fresher but a fresher also starts from somewhere or the other and I feel that it is thr best platform to embrace my skills and polish them Moins

Because am new and i do not know anything

Because am new and i do not now anything

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Reynolds and Reynolds

In a certain company, 30 percent of the men and 20 percent of the women attend night school. If 40 percent of all employees are men, what percent of all the employees attend night school?

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Wouldn't it Still be 50% of the employees

This question is misleading and designed for you not to get the answer because it's leading you to believe that the answer should be a percentage. when it should ask for the total of employees that attend night school. Moins

Why do I see this answer and 25%?!? Its not a total number but a % of all employees. Tell me if Im wrong so I dont bother taking the test. Thanks. Moins

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If Pine Street is east of Oak Street and Maple Street is west of Pine Street, what street is furthest west?

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You cannot determine from the information given.

That's the same as saying that Oak Street is west of Pine Street and Maple Street is west of Pine Street. Either Oak or Maple could be furthest west. Moins

Hmmm... Since this was a question for technical writers, maybe they were really asking about the furthest/farthest usage. Moins

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why you want to join here?

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For a better growth prospectus

New joined

For good carrer...

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How many words are in a good sentence? This was asked by an absolute idiot who was rude. This is also incorrect and she insisted this was correct, despite having never been a writer professionally in her life (her admission). Oh well, just remember the answer I guess.

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The interviewer was probably trying to ask about readability, but could only go so far as to ask about word count. I'd bring some info about Flesch-Kincaid to the interview table. Moins

What a stupid question. It all depends on your audience and the type of material you are writing. Stating 12 words as an absolute is laughable. There are other more important things to ask a tech writer. I should know, 25 years in the business. Moins

As many as it takes for the client/customer to understand the application.

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The Information Company

Will you travel outside Maharahtra on assignments?

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Though unprepared for travel at that point, I said yes.


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How much time can you commit?

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1 time

12 to 16

12 to 16 hours

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First round will be written test

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Next roind is HR round

Did anyone got their result!!

Did anyone got their result!!

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