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On a demandé à Work At Home Telephone Customer Service Representative...27 octobre 2017

What do you know about Nordstrom?

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That they are a very customer service oriented company

They go beyond the call of duty to please their customers

I would first apologize to the customer and the I would assure them that I would try to find out what I happened to the package Moins

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What is my availability, and what do i like better customer service or tech support.

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I am flexible as well with either or.

I’m looking for something overnight .

I am also very flexible.


If I had an argument with my manager or not?

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I'll prefer your company kindly lookinto and give me this strong feel more by continuing the selecting process Moins

I said yes, I had

I will have same interview today. What would you recommend me for it ? (Nasil kontak kurabilirim seninle) Moins


Do you have experience in a call center that had metrics to meet?

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Why did you leave or plan to leave your current employer?

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I don't have a license to drive a car right now and I need a stable work at home position until I can gradually grow from the company. Moins

I wanted a new experience and new skills

Transcom WorldWide

What did you do at your last job? Are you available for the next 90 days. If you say no you will not get the job

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Inventory phone calls and handling the money. Yes I am available for the next 90days Moins

How was your attendance at your last job I just typed this as I finished my last interview, not sure if I got the job but I wanted to help the next person out. Moins

Sitel Group

typing speed

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Can I do virtual interview via iPhone?

past employment

Alpine Access

What are your weakness & strengths

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My weakness would be I do not like putting things together. Ex setting up a table . Moins

I am a hard work will follow up to make sure my job is finish. Also calming down customers to make sure I understand there problem than I work to solve it. Moins


How long have you worked as a customer service rep.

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4 years

20 years


Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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Did you have a virtual interview since this was a work from home position? How are things going so far? Moins

Yes! Being it was a work from home position, this was a virtual interview via webcam. It lasted about 30 minutes and typical interview questions were asked. The training was a little frustrating because there were MANY technical issues. In a class of about 15 (virtual) about 90 percent of the class had issues every day that made the training process a bit discouraging. Moins

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