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On a demandé à un Wireless Tier Three Technician...28 décembre 2012

"Why are man-hole covers round?"

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The answer and I kid you not, I had to look it up on Google, so people don't mess with them. Moins

The man-hole covers are round because the cover will not easily fall into the pit which ever angle they place in but if its in any other shape there is chance for the cover to fall into the pit. That will dangerous if any one is cleaning or working in the pit if the cover closes. So the man-hole covers are round in shape. Moins

Rogers Communications

About network, facilities, transmission and different scenarios.

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Answered all very well.


There were several stars questions such as tell me what you would do in a given situation? How well do you work under deadlines. How do you manage projects and what software do yo use.

if i had ever troubleshoot a wireless internet connection.


My weight for safety reasons


Do you have any experience in testing?

Ayacht Technology Solutions

Whats the difference between 900 mhz and 2.4 ghz?

Bell Canada

How does your current job help you for this job

Bell Canada

Mainly related to my current job.

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