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Trutech Wildlife Service
On a demandé à un Wildlife Technician...15 septembre 2020

Who am I? And what skills can be used from past experiences to better me in my position.

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What motivates me?

Critter Control

What are your reservations about the position.

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I said I was a little concerned about using ladders and working at heights.

Arrow Exterminators

Are you comfortable on ladders

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Meridan Bird Removal

Why are you interested in catching birds?

San Diego Humane Society

What sort of experience related to the position do you have?

You might get sick from all the animal feces you handle. Have you heard of the bubonic plague?

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

How do you work with other people

Ohlone College

Why do you want to work at Ohlone?

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

What do you do if you are mowing and your mower is leaking fluid

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