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Stevens Institute of Technology
On a demandé à un Web Administrator...30 septembre 2015

How do you handle multiple projects at once?

3 réponses

I use a project management software to prioritize my work, so that way I can finish before the deadline without confusion or mix ups. Moins

Simple by keeping mind calm

Another thing don't think it is multiple think it simple so you could achieve success quickly Moins


What type of Java frameworks have you worked with?

2 réponses

Jax-WS and spring 1.2

Spring framework and restful services


not difficult questions because it seemed the interviewers didn't have deep knowledge of web/middleware

1 réponses

This was an easy number of interviews/questions, but theres way to many chiefs and not enough indians Moins

Alberta Blue Cross

Your past experience does not seem to match with the position we are offering? Why should we hire you?

1 réponses

My past experience do match with the current position otherwise i would not have applied for this position. Here is all the proof(i showed them a paper which included duties of my previous job) Moins

What do you see for your future in the company?

1 réponses

Learn as much as I can and when I find that it is time to move on I will, I don't see myself here forever. Moins


Past experience that applies to the job in mention.

1 réponses

Re-iterated what was in my CV.


If the customer was on the phone angry and pressuring to get the system back online but you didn't know what the issue was how would you deal with the situation

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Try to keep the customer informed while solving the problem. Makey them feel their problem is the only issue your focused on. Show the customer sucess no matter how little to gain their confidence. Moins

West Hills Community College

How would you, as a new member of the staff, introduce yourself into the organization?

1 réponses

This is not verbatim, but was the essential meaning of the question as I recall.

Strategic Staffing Solutions

Any of the behavioral questions.

1 réponses

These are the dumbest questions as anyone can answer them in an intelligent manner. Moins


Did you ever hose a server? I said no

1 réponses

Apparently they want you to say you have (so that your fallible) Yikes

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