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On a demandé à un Wealth Management Associate...4 janvier 2018

Why UBS? Why Wealth Management? Give examples of current position and how is related to the position that I am applying for.

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Nothing too difficult, everything was straightforward and to the point if you act natural. Moins


Tell me something that's not on your resum

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Hello, is there other questions except this one?

Morgan Stanley

Tell me a little about yourself

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Very hard worker and deeply motivated

Northwestern Mutual

Questions focused on how outgoing you are.

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I was worried about my limited potential client pool because I'm not from the area and gaining clients may be difficult for me. Moins

If I was amenable to their travel schedule - leaving at 5 a. m. to make day trips three hours each way

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I did not respond with great enthusiasm.

Merrill Lynch

Name a time when you had a disagreement with someone on your team and how did you handle it

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Example and solved the problem as a team

Ballentine Partners

Do you plan to get your CFA?

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We had already discussed multiple times this was entry level position and I had no relevant technical experience - so asking if a CCA was in sight was a silly question. I answered openly and honestly: “I’m open to it and would consider the CPA track assuming that option is available to me. I recognize I’m applying for a different role now, and if this role proves rewarding, I’m also happy with that position. It depends and i like having that option to grow” Moins

Merrill Lynch

When was a time you made a mistake and how did you handle it

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example...identify the mistake, correct the mistake, learn from the mistake and then share information on mistake with others Moins


How many fish in the Atlantic ocean? Probability of a stock being $85 dollars in 10 days if it is currently $100, 50% chance of increasing or decreasing $5

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First I would ask for more information to market size. As for the second question, the probability is zero. If the price must increase or decrease $5, then on even days the price will always end in 0 and on odd days the price will always end in 5. Moins

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