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On a demandé à un Water Resources Engineer...22 mars 2021

technical hard skills you bring to team

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Discussed my programming, cad and modeling skills

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

Do you have EI?

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Northwest Hydraulic Consultant

How fast can you do it ?

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Let me try

New Gold

Tell me about your experience.

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I explained about my experience and how it might match with the position.


What does your focus want to be?

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I answered coastal engineering. My interviewer asked me to expand and said I wasn’t specific enough even though I explained since I was applying for an entry level position and had no experience working in any engineering field I just had a general interest. Moins


Asked about my background and went through everything on my resume.

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Were you asked about transcripts?

Waterman Group

Example of some of the work I have previously undertaken.

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Showed them some work.

Whitman Requardt and Associates

You designed a pond? Was it wet pond or fry pond?

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I specified at the beginning the pond that I designed is just a draft that my supervisor wanted me to draw on AutoCAD. But one of the interviewers who was intterogating me wanted to catch me in the middle to see if I lied or not by asking technical questions Moins

American Water

Why did I apply at American water

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I wanted to work for a successful utility company


are you willing to relocate?

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sure I would open to relocating.

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