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GET Enterprises
On a demandé à un Warehouse Manager...7 mars 2014

Do you believe in giving people second chances or if they fail do you just fire them?. The CEO told me she does not give second chances.

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She was a waste of space and didn't let anyone else make a decision. I'm so glad I didn't pursue the job. Moins

She wore Ugg boots in the interview. Very Unprofessional.


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The Hale Group

what kind of salary are you looking for

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18k + per annum

Fuel operator job

Fuel operator job

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DHL Supply Chain

Tell us how you motivate staff in a high pressured environment?

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From 30 to 50 staff management

From 30 to 50 staff management

From 30 to 50 staff management

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Varuna Integrated Logistics

introduce yourself

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Live with my Family Wife 1 daughter and Father My wife is House wife and my Father is retired Govt Service.i am live Delhi Uttam Nagar..and 12 year experience in pvt sector currently working in Nutri Munchy as Assistant Manager (commercial). Moins

At post jungawani th. Amrwara dis. Chhindwara mp

At post jungawani th. Amrwara dis. Chhindwara mp

Abdul Latif Jameel

Experience and years of working with different organization

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Sharing experience and referring organization and reason of leaving the past company Moins

It is not world class by any objective criteria for it operates in a closed environment with minimal employment rights where fear of losing ones job is the motivator and key management tool. Moins

In fact there is no firing policy unless one is involved in forgery or doing fraud,for sales of course one needs to achieve the targets and that is worldwide I believe Moins


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

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Successfully working and a big company that I can represent

Driven loyalty helpful

Be top person in a business


Why are you looking to leave current company, what are you looking for in a career here, what interest you about this job

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Cortland requires a urine drug test.

I was looking for growth opportunity. The most interest in this job was manager experience. Moins

What kind of drug test does Cortland administer, urine or hair test?

how much do you expect to be paid.

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30,000 dollars to start.

Ferguson Enterprises

If you got this job, would you need to be the one that drops your kids off at school in the morning? (totally irrevelent and illegal question to ask during an interview process, btw)

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No, my wife takes them to school.

While this question doesn't seem relevant to the position, asking it is not illegal. A better way to ask the question would be, "This position requires you to be at work by 7am everyday. Can you meet this requirement?" Moins

S. Walter Packaging

Why do you want to work for S. Walter?

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Company has been in business for a long time amnd is stable.

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