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FOCUS Brands
On a demandé à un Vice President Supply Chain...23 septembre 2016

Why works for FOCUS Brands

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I love growing company


Describe a situation where you had to resolve an underperforming employee.

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I described how I would determine if it was a motivational or competency issue. Then either try to help the employee become more engaged by connecting them to their purpose or define specific skill improvement targets. Moins

Bonafide Health

They were focused on contract manufacturing experience. That is sourcing or procurement, not pure supply chain

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I tried to explain same ... flew 30000 ft over the recruiters head.

Bridgestone Americas

They said Spanish was a requirement

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Nobody asked me any questions in Spanish


Leadership style and how I adapt to different business challenges.

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Through a series of global and regional roles over the years, and working in different companies I have developed a style that can be adapted to different working environments and cultures. Moins


Take me through your resume.

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I hit the relevant skills and experience that meet or exceed requirements.

The Home Depot

Why are you leaving your current position

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My position had a definitive end date, project based

Marianna Industries

How do you handle discipline?


What customs broker do you use?

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