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On a demandé à un VP Data Science...5 août 2022

Show me how you would code (a problem I can understand but have never solved for before).

Caymus Equity Partners

Tell us about your hands on strategic planning experience and specific examples of what you've done in your career.

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Ummmmm... Finance & Accounting Stuff.

Northern Trust

Previous project and as per JD

Preguntas ingles y español. Preguntas de estadìstica y modelado de datos. Tambièn se realiza prueba tècnica de programacion


My motivation behind joining Citi

E2E Networks

Tell me about yourself, Previous Company work


This was a getting to know you kind of a call. But I highly appreciate the honesty and the respect the recruiter showed during the call.

Morgan Stanley

Based on resume and past experiences

Jaguar Land Rover

O que acha da jaguar landrover

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Muito importante na vida pessoal e no trabalho a empresa expandir

Atlanta Dream

Very specific question about past work and experience, interview was less conversational and more scripted.

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Be prepared with written notes and bullet points.

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