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CSM Bakery Solutions
On a demandé à un Vice President IT...16 août 2017

Have you ever worked in a bakery?

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Good luck my friend this company is a joke and you are only a chess piece on the board. I guess if you just want the title this is the place. SAP is a joke and the company is more of a joke. They don't respect anyone. It's a horrible place to work for and you will be looking for a job shortly again. Moins

If you go to work for this company, you may have to wear more than an IT hat.....depending on the day, who quits or who gets let recommendation is to run and run fast! Moins

No. The company is completely closed to diverse industry experience. Limiting for them. Moins

Describe your IT accomplishments.

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My greatest IT accomplishments are still yet to come!

I described past accomplishments.

Abercrombie & Fitch

What is my biggest strength ?

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Purposeful positioning, agility and building formidible Organization.


The CEO does not like consultants--make sure you have been a non-consultant !!

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Tell the CEO you have never been a consultant

Bank of America

How is your professional day look like?

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Standard answer about past experience and day to day management and technical explanations. Moins

CPI Security

Most difficult question was how to schedule an appointment with them.

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I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Our Recruiters strive to give the best experience possible to all of our applicants/candidates. This position was a very tough position for our organization in that we have been looking for certain industry experience. We will continue to ensure all of our candidates receive the 100% focus and excellent experience that we always deliver. Please let us know if you would like to speak further as we welcome all feedback. Moins


How do you form a multi-year strategy?

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With a quick presentation.


There really were no technical questions of any kind....mostly questions like "have you ever done XXXX before? If so where and how did it turn out?"

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Just nod sagely and look very thoughtful before replying "yes of course I have let me tell you the story about how one time I....". Moins

Bay de Noc Community College

"If you had to, could you fire someone?"

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An outside consultant had recommended creating this position and "replacing" its direct-reports. Many of the people I'd met assumed this would happen and were thrilled when it turned out to be completely unnecessary. Moins

National Automotive Experts

How would you characterize your leadership style?

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I look at this question in two sides ONE: As a leader, it's not about who I am what I am good quality leadership is what company needs are project plan and guides as needed for the success of the organization TWO: Making sure as a leader what are staff needs working under me. And I will be happy as they move up in the carrier they feel proud of mentoring I did they carry with them. Moins

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