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Chumbak Design
On a demandé à Visual Merchandising Manager...13 mars 2020

what is visual merchandising & who is visual merchandiser?

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visual merchandising is silent selling & visual merchandiser is a silent seller. Moins

Forever 21

This was more of a Leadership interview than Visual. They honestly just want to know if you are capable of leading a team of young merchandisers, execute launches, promotions, markdowns, and plan and execute seasonal floor sets.

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Just answer the questions truthfully.


My availability & if I was willing to work long days and willing to work out of town.

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All availability & no problems working long hours.


describe your past experience

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I explained everything I had done in the past, in which they seemed very interested in Moins

The Body Shop

Werdegang Fragen zum Unternehmen Gehaltswunsch

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Wie groß ist das Team Wie erfolgt die Kommunikation mit den MA

Navy Exchange

Staffing issue. How would you deal with hard to staff position. Questions about basic knowledge. Project management experience. If I mentored any associate for advancement.

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Recruit internals and open more entry level poistions


Can you man/host the events as well as set up, strike, shipping logistics, run budgets, and on going design updates?

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Considering the number of on the road events they have scheduled (40-60 per year),the run times of the events (3-5 days including travel, set up and strike), and the actual length of the events (3-4 hrs for parties to 8 to 12 hrs per day for trade shows), I wouldn't be able to be the full time host of all events. I have no problem helping during busy periods, but most of the time during shows I trouble shoot anything from power and AC problems to planning out and confirming the load out, doing the paperwork or planning the next show. Considering the schedule, unless your willing to put in 18 to 20 hours a day for weeks at a time during peak periods (back to back to back, or simultaneous events going on), there is no way you can start at 7:30 am for a show, finish at 6pm, and work til 10pm on the next shows coming up, and do anything that is less than quality job. Being on the road is tough. And many people do this type of set up once a year for a trade show. To live it 200 days a year would kill anyone who cared about doing a good job. Good luck in finding someone who can setup, lift 50lbs, run a show, strike it, do the paperwork and budgets, travel, and be ready for the next show. Moins

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Asked basic visual interview questions about floor planning, helping with floormoves, merchandising standards, etc

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Answered all questions.

Lojas Riachuelo

Qual é a melhor empresa que trabalhou q tinha o melhor visual merchandising?

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Why do you want to work here?

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The brand, culture and benefits..

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