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Questions d'entretiens - Visual merchandiser


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Very basic retail questions: Q. Why do you want to work here Q. What is your strength/ weaknesses Q. Tell me about your self

What do you think some of the day-to-day things we would do in this position?

How do you deal with stressful situations and fast-paced environments?

Brief introduction about yourself and then.... #1. What do you know about Nordstrom already? #2.What does visual merchandising mean to you? #3. What qualifies you for this position? #4. What other stores do you feel have great visual merchandising? #5. What are some of the things that you pay attention to or notice in terms of visual merchandising when you are in other stores? #6. What are some of your favourite brands that we carry, not necessarily what you can afford? #7.What fashion bloggers do you follow? #8. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion? #9. What do you hope to learn from this internship

1. Introduce yourself 2. What do you know about Pottery Barn 3. Why do you want to work here

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