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On a demandé à un Visual Designer...12 août 2013

One of the 1 on 1interviewers spent about 30 minutes explaining why he didn't like my work and went through each piece of my portfolio, picking apart each project at the pixel level. Told me up front that he didn't want me working there because I wasn't better than him and he only wanted people to work there who he aspired to be like.

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Please tell me you're stretching this story a bit because I could never imagine Google hiring an a**hole like that. Moins

That could have been a test, too. • Remember art school? Fellow designers can be real a**hats. What i learned was that if you had a strong concept and could defend your design decisions, they would usually back off or even understand and support them. • Make sure that each and every piece of your portfolio is up to your own standards. If you see a few things that could need work, rework them and ask other designers for their opinion. Moins

It came as a suprise to me to. I thought it may have been a test or something as I look back because it was so different from the other interviews that day. But I in the end I appreciate that interviewers honesty and have grown as a designer since then. Moins


Design a new service which uses mobile devices to display ambient information, to help with the over abundance of information within our lives (or a part of our lives) using passive automated consumption.

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I designed and presented a project that met with the brief. Feedback were so nice and the man who is in charge was so excited and seem to be interested. Moins

Very old tech question. Tech from 2002? I think I'd choose something related to Automotive. Moins


Your work is very masculine, how will you work to accommodate our style which is typically more feminine?

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Wow, that is an illegal question! Please don't answer this.

As a designer my style works to match the projects needs. Additionally, my interest in this position is partially based on the opportunity to expand my experience and show that I can work in other styles. Moins

Estée Lauder Companies

Why are you interested in working at Estée Lauder Companies?

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Its feels great to work with such a good & huge brand.. feel achieved something best in my life.. Moins


Questions about what work I had done in the past, what my core values were, where I wanted to grow towards. It was really informal - each time more of a nice conversation than an interview.

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Openly and honestly - I think it was so nice and easy due to both sides being authentic. Moins

Nightfall AI

Tell me about yourself

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Explained my work experience and how it would fit with the position, only for the interviewer to say that I was put on mute because they were occupied with another task. Moins


How do you take a fabric sample and turn it into a tiled texture?

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There are many ways to skin a cat. Depends on the texture. I gave a general overview of scanning fabric in, and using Photoshop to make a seamless tile. Moins

Logical Design Solutions

Can you show more of the process in this case study, with wireframes?

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Show UX and process documents in your work review.


This place isn't a very "Creative" place why do you think you'd want to work here?

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I've done a great deal of creative for not so creative places and it turned into something creative slowly but steadily. Moins


Create a website prototype with photoshop(No internet,No reference) Gadget fix website Owners perspective Technicians perspective Customers perspective Promotion page

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I have completed what they expected and was announced as shortlisted at the end of the interview around 7pm. Moins

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